Theft. Acid attack. Ceramic cup. Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece has seen it all. But was this famous lady bereft of eyebrows ready for some cake? Read on to find out.

The Mona Lisa – the Italian maiden whose existence and cultural importance is known to all across the globe has been force-fed some cream cake. Yes, you read that right.
On a beautiful Sunday at The Louvre Museum where this iconic portrait was on display for all to see, a gentleman wished to display his admiration rather unconventionally.

To achieve this feat, our iconoclastic patron of the arts disguised himself as an elderly woman wearing a wig. He also sat himself in a wheelchair to portray disability. The Louvre allows people with certain disabilities to get closer to the artwork allowing our smearer a good angle at his unassuming target.

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Fret not. For our 2.5 feet portrait which has been subject to many strange incidents rested safely behind bulletproof glass. No harm done.

Louvre authorities quickly got a hold of him. The apprehended man was observed saying ”
Think of planet Earth, there are people destroying it” in French. Continuing, he said “Think about it. Artists tell you: think of the Earth. That’s why I did this.” He was then arrested and taken to a psychiatric infirmary by Paris police. An investigation into this attempted caking has begun.

While his exact intentions are unclear, many attribute the 36-year-old man’s actions as a publicity stunt for climate change protests.

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Sources: CNN, Aljazeera, CBS News

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