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Mysteries, Paranormal Activities, Exorcisms, Possessed People, Curses: 5 Intriguing Stories of India


By Mehak Bahri

India, the land of color, the land of the Gods, the land of the snake charmers, we are a land of whatnot. Deep within our culture and heritage, India also has her hidden secrets, the land of mysteries. These clandestine secrets about her land are still unsolved and despite a lot of speculation and probing, a scientific explanation has not been derived.

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As eerie as they may sound, the mysteries that prevail different parts of the country are all true. Being a philosophical, but as well as a practical nation, we have dissed many theories that have risen. But the locals of these mystery places swear by what they see and welcome all the non-believers to see for themselves.

A question arises in everyone’s mind, as to whether these instances are strung by another paranormal force, or is it the trick of humans?

Here are five of the most intriguing places in India that deserve a visit. Will you come back stunned? In fact, will you come back alive after visiting some of the places?

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5. The Legend of Paonta Sahib

A few miles away from Dehradun, the Gurdwara of Paonta Sahib is situated. The mighty Yamuna River flows through this area with crashing ferocity and with a deafening sound. As legend suggests, Guru Gobind Singh Ji arrived at Paonta Sahib around 1685 and immediately took a liking to the place.


Guru Gobind Singh Ji went on to practice various art forms, including his favorite, recitation of poetry. Along with the Guru, there were several other followers who practiced around Paonta Sahib. One day they went to Guruji and complained about the booming sounds of the Yamuna River that depreciated their concentration. What happened next was a wonder.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji requested the River to help the people concentrate and to reduce the thunderous crashing. From that day onwards and till present, the Yamuna River comes crashing down the mountains with the same ear splitting noise, but when passing the Gurdwara, it becomes completely silent. After it passes the Gurdwara, the booming starts once again.

4. Levitating Stone of Shivapur

Six centuries ago, a simple boy by the name of Qamar Ali became the follower of Sufi Pir (the great teacher) when he was six and spent his days fasting and meditating. Unfortunately, Qamar Ali died in his late teens and while on his deathbed, he requested a 200 pound circular stone to be placed at his place of burial.

The stone was placed like Qamar Ali wanted and then became a stone of great revelation. This 200 pound stone cannot be lifted by the strongest of men. But, according to Qamar Ali’s saying, if 11 people touch the stone with their index fingers, it levitates and reaches above everyone’s height, levitates for a few minutes and then comes crashing down.

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There have been several kinds of researches around the stone. But, there have been no findings of sonic sounds that levitate the stone or any field of electromagnetic energy. The only force that can lift up the stone is the sheer faith of 11 people.

3. The Jodhpur Boom!

One of the very recent phenomena of India is the Jodhpur Boom. On December 18th 2012 a loud boom was heard around the city of Jodhpur which left the people startled. This massive boom frightened the townspeople after which they soon started exploring where the boom came from.

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The sound was blamed on the military testing of the Army planes as the boom sounded like a jet plane. The army denied saying that such testing was not done near township areas. A panic wave struck the city as the people believed the world was coming to an end as per the Mayan Calendar.

What was more intriguing was that the similar boom was heard all around the world in different cities, like Leicester, UK. The cause of the boom has not been identified yet, although several speculations are made. This leads us to believing that we really might not be the only ones around.

2. Cursed Village of Kuldhara

A few kilometers away from Jaisalmer, lays the ruins of an old town, Kuldhara. Once you walk in, you can see the structures that were once filled with living, breathing people that have now been reduced to nothing but dust. The story of Kuldhara unfolds in such a manner, that it is difficult to comprehend what really happened. A bustling town with 84 villages suddenly was completely EMPTY in one night. There was no proof of all the people moving, anyone being killed, or them being abducted. One morning, simply, POOF! It seems as though the people disappeared into thin air.

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Legend has it that the King fell in love with the village chief’s daughter and he vowed to kill everyone if he wasn’t granted his bride. To save the honor of the women, everyone in Kuldhara moved to someplace else (possibly Rajasthan) secretly so that no one would find out where they went.

The other theory is that the people were abducted by aliens. Both of the theories seem impossible, practically, but then what really happened? How did a few hundred people simply vanish without leaving a single shred of any trace?


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1. Mehandipur Balaji Temple

The Mehandipur Balaji Temple, or the only temple in India that still performs horrifying exorcisms may not be as well-known as the Bhangarh fort, but it sure holds its prevalent mysteries. It may sound utterly dramatic, but once a person steps inside the premises of the temple, a sudden chill overtakes them, despite the area being in one of the hottest regions of India, which is Rajasthan.


Black balls are offered as Prasad to the ones entering the temple, which ironically must not be consumed, but thrown into the fire. The temple’s hall greets you with the shrieks and screams of possessed people. People can be seen bashing their head on pillar, pouring boiling water on themselves and committing other such fearsome sights to look at.

The hall of hell, which is the last hall in the temple, holds the most terrifying sight of people chained to pillars and being beaten as an act of repentance. It’s horrifying to witness. Once you exit the temple, it is forbidden to look back; otherwise a spirit who has just been displaced will cling on to you.

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India still has a lot of secrets that she has yet to reveal. Some of them play with our minds; some of them allow us to come up with the wildest of theories. But mostly, these intriguing places and events leave us spellbound in the thought of whether the world actually is, as we know it.

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