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If The TV Show ‘Friends’ Were A Person, Which Body Part Would Each Character Be?


By Siddharth Sharma

Wonder if Friends- the TV show were a person, which body parts would the characters be? Of course, you haven’t. But I did, somehow. So, let me show you.

1. Ross – The Brain


Why the brain you ask? SALMON SKIN ROLL. And also, because you know how he is a doctor in palaeontology and had medals and trophies in his room, and on Christmas he becomes the holiday armadillo because it would be educational for Ben. Hah!

2. Joey – The Mouth


JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD. Yes, he doesn’t! Once he dived to protect his sandwich when he heard a car backfiring and thought it was a bullet. Yeah. He dumped a girl because she tried to eat from his plate. When Rachel made a ladyfinger trifle: custard good, jam good, meat GOOOHD!

3. Monica – The Hands


Experimenter, yes! She dated a high school student, a man double her age. Like the hands, she is obsessive-compulsive; wherever they land they try to fix it. And also she’s a chef, a hand-job. Could this be any more appropriate?

4. Rachel – The Hair


Well, for some people like me, hair is the most attractive part of the body. So, if a girl has beautiful hair I won’t care about anything else, I’d just want to hang out with her. Yeah, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) does that. Even if FRIENDS was a boring show, most people would have still watched it because of her. <3 _ <3

Also because, like hair she flows with the wind too. “How do you expect to grow if you won’t let me blow?”

5. Phoebe – The Spine


Whenever there is a fight between gang members, she is the one who solves it. The craziest and wackiest comebacks of all she can shake you, like your spine. Also, she is a masseuse. Haha get the joke? No? Smelly cat what are they feeding you? Anyways it’s not your fault.

6. Chandler – The Heart


Miss Chanandler Bong, is undoubtedly the heart of friends. With sarcasm, wit and unbeatable presence of mind, he is the fans’ favourite. Played by Matthew Perry, I realised that he is the heart of friends when I got to know that he wasn’t coming to the reunion, hearing which, I vowed I won’t watch it (unless it shows up in front of me or people force me to watch it). Does anyone know what does he do? If you do, leave a comment.

7. Janice – The Cold


Right when you think she won’t come back, there she is, the most loved yet hated character on FRIENDS. She comes out of the blue to bring such unimaginably hilarious twists that can kill you of laughter.

8. Gunther – The Appendix


You don’t remember that he exists, but when you do you fear you don’t get appendicitis. Like Joey did. No not the kidney stones. KIDNEY STONES!

Graphics Credits: Giffy, Google

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