The last year of college life is one of the toughest years in terms of decision making and the happy/sad realization that the next inevitable stage is about to come.

Pragmatism vs Following One’s Dreams

Until and unless one has gone through this phase, he/she won’t understand the monumental dilemma between being pragmatic in one’s choices or taking a riskier path to do something which one always wanted to do.

Let me explain this through an example-

For a student studying at any of the top colleges in DU, it isn’t difficult to find jobs. Many companies flock to the campus and if one makes a dedicated effort of preparation for a few days, one should be able to sail through and get a job.

Here comes the tricky part. The salaries aren’t of the highest amount and rightly so since we are only graduates.

The Dilemma?

People who want to have a crack at the CAT exam have the dilemma of either dropping a year or continuing to prepare for the exam whilst doing their job. For those who didn’t clear CAT during their college life are subject to this dilemma quite often.

Some others are confused about whether to go for Masters or not. Though one may have a genuine interest toward a certain subject, the fact that jobs rarely come running behind people opting for Masters in the field of Commerce or Arts is a sad reality. Thus, few go ahead to pursue their Masters and instead study for a competitive exam.

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Or for some people, who wish to prepare for competitive exams like UPSC, RBI Grade B, etc. which requires 100% dedication, have to close down the path of simultaneously doing a job and studying for civil services.

What To Do?

It might be childish but believe me, the choice is so, so difficult. Should one go for the supposedly easier choice of going for a job that might not pay a lot or take that extra leap of faith and do what one wants in which the chances of failure are higher?

Or maybe, have an experience of a year or two and then go for Masters or prepare for a competitive exam.

Career Vs Dreams

There is absolutely no bravery in taking a stupid decision and kicking the job you had. As a grad student, one should be able to fill up one’s stomach by oneself.

I wish I had a solution to this dilemma but there isn’t one. It comes down to the individual and the situation and circumstances surrounding him/her. The only advice I can give is to stick by the choice one makes and never ever have any regrets.

The choice has to be taken irrespective of pressure. It’s important that we share our doubts and apprehensions with our loved ones time and again because that’s probably the only way to calm down and make the choice. There won’t be a right or wrong choice. It always comes down to having faith in oneself.

To all the first and second years reading this article, make the most of your college life right now because when third-year knocks on your door, the decisions that you take then will decide the course of your future life and pondering over such decisions isn’t any fun.

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