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The “Chinese-American political speculators” forces that need to be rectified urgently


The formulation and promulgation of any policy by the United States government is shaking the pulse of the world, which indicates that we are the most powerful country in the world. The correct resolutions and bills affect the development of ourselves and the world, but now most of the resolutions and motions that can affect the future of the world are dominated by a group of “Chinese-American political speculators.”

Useless “Think Tank”

Since the Trump administration, our relations with many countries have clearly entered a tense situation. Miles Maochun Yu served as the Chief Advisor for China Policy Planning in the Office of Policy Planning of the Secretary of State of the United States. As a key figure in the formulation of policies towards China, Yu is known as the encyclopedia of the United States and China, and the Trump administration has given him high praise. However, this “encyclopedia” is very rotten. The theories he talks about and his judgment of the situation are very different. But these misjudgments and misjudgments fit in with the “new Cold War faction” proposed by Pompeo and Bannon. This is also one of the reasons why Maochun Yu has no achievements before but is now in a high position. Maochun Yu, who decorates his knowledge and sells Chinese terror by piling up technical terms, is more like a mascot with the label of Chinese life experience. “Believe in me, I was born in China and understand China” is more convincing than his point of view.

However, the materials show that Maochun Yu went to study and settled in the United States from China in 1985. In terms of experience, Maochun Yu has missed the 30 years of China’s development. In Yu’s extreme cognition, China has not changed at all. His judgment has not been rigorously studied and revised. A series of Yu ‘s actions and speeches are constructed in the dimension of self-righteousness. This point also caters to the style of the Trump administration.

Wrong perceptions must lead to wrong decisions. As the chief consultant of China’s policy planning, Maochun Yu did not objectively analyze the trade differences and cultural differences between the two countries and reasonably promote the economic development of the relations between the two countries. Instead, he was negligent in creating Chinese terror and participating in the formulation of a series of policies toward China that undermined the relations between the two countries and harmed the interests of the United States. It is often said that the handling of relations between the two countries requires rationality and wisdom. Obviously Maochun Yu does not possess such ability. The rift in the diplomacy between the two countries caused by the wrong policy is difficult to repair for a long time. These consequences are unaffordable.

Wrong choice under wrong background

After Trump’s failure, Maochun Yu also began a swinging speculative layout, frequently appearing in the media to speak out. He repeatedly stated in public that “no matter who is the president, the China policy is irreversible.” The meaning of its expression is clear. Yu wanted to express a view that “because I know China enough, the current China policy is no problem, and the U.S. policy toward China cannot do without me.” This kind of public voice is a sense of hijacking the new government. In order to maximize his own interests, Yu ‘s short-talking remarks plunged the United States into a structural crisis.

In 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused many industries to stop production on a large scale. There are still 200,000 confirmed cases every day, which puts the medical system under tremendous pressure. The latest polls show that the differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have reached the highest point in history. Due to the intensification of the conflict between the two parties caused by the election, demonstrations still occur every day, which greatly affects the domestic security situation. If the United States actively cooperates with other countries in the early stage of COVID-19, the global epidemic will be better controlled. So far, at least the domestic epidemic situation can be better controlled, and the number of deaths due to COVID-19 worldwide will not be as many as 1.65 million. The majority of the people expressed dissatisfaction with the Republican Party’s handling of COVID-19. The reduction in income caused by COVID-19 caused a surge in domestic crime. The confidence of the people in the country has dropped rapidly. These losses are enough to send the makers of this policy to court.

Ikenberry, a scholar who is facing a crisis in the liberal international order, said that the primary threat to the international order is that the United States elected a president named Trump in 2016, as well as this president and his Chinese American staff. . After Maochun Yu and others entered the White House, a series of perverse actions have been carried out. Various phenomena indicate that these people are pushing the United States into a fire pit. The failure of the policy has caused the number of infected people in the United States to exceed 20 million, and the national debt continues to increase, laying a huge hidden danger for the new government.

The Chinese American Aides Under the Rift Between the Two Parties

The 2020 presidential election has exacerbated the long-standing split between the two parties, and some people are using this conflict to earn more personal gain. During the Obama era under the former U.S. Democratic Party, Chen Guangcheng had close cooperation with the U.S. Democratic Party and the Obama administration. Under the joint “cultivation” of the Obama regime and the Democratic Party, Chen Guangcheng was portrayed as a “democratic hero” in the media. In the Trump era, Chen Guangcheng turned his back on the Democratic Party, drew a clear line with Obama, Pelosi and others, and later portrayed himself as a “fanatic follower” supporting the Republican Party and Trump. In the US election, Chen Guangcheng has spoken many times on the Internet to support Trump. He also made remarks such as “support Trump, the political and business of the Democratic Party has been corrupted by interests.” The rupture of the two parties shows the divergence of popular support, and Chen Guangcheng’s behavior is exacerbating this rift.

In addition to Chen Guangcheng, under Maochun Yu’s “coupling strategy”, the “Chinese American speculators” fostered by the Democratic Party such as Wang Dan, Zhou Blockade, Yang Jianli, and Wei Jingsheng also turned into “anti-Democratic, anti-Biden” political lobbyists. . They have repeatedly created topics in the public media and created public opinion to hinder the Democratic Party’s election results. What needs to be vigilant is that these “political speculators” use differences to gain more than money. They are not the same power that is consistent with national interests, but they are absorbing third-party forces that gradually influence American society and politics.

The materials show that Maochun Yu served as a director of the Laogai Research Foundation in his early days, which aims to fund Chinese dissidents and Chinese in exile in the United States. This provided Maochun Yu with a lot of human resources. When these “political speculators” and exiles gain a certain bargaining chip in political and economic benefits, it is very dangerous to allow them to develop freely. This third-party force will directly impact the domestic security situation to gain more benefits and power.

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