‘’You know where words fail, music speaks”.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 29: In our day-to-day life we often come across news about music studios opening here and there, but because of the competition, many studios have lost their quality. 

But. Guess what, today we are going to a great production house and will be having a candid chat with their team members and know more about their work and how they are working under Rc Rana.

So before indulging in all the glitz and glamour, a brief about them is here.

They are a production house that produces music videos for artists and labels. In business since 2014, the Founder, Rc Rana, has worked hard. You would be surprised to know that their clients range from independent musicians and producers to major labels with massive budgets. Sharing about previous work, they had produced music videos for Labels like Tseries, Zee Music, Tips, Shemaroo, White Hills music and Blive Music.

My first thoughts on being informed about The 2 Studios and its founder were basically what most were thinking. Why did they enter the music business? But as the day progressed, the answer became clearer. It was “passion”. The owner of The 2 Studios plainly puts it, in recent years, music has become everything. So, a passion grew within them to provide our music industry with nothing but the best of everything.

Talking a bit about their studio setup

 On entering the premises, you are treated to a very sanitized, corporate-looking reception. We spotted a few familiar faces from the music world. Soon, they gave us a tour of the new space. We entered the studio control room, and we were blown away by the size and spaciousness. This is a luxury in times like this, considering that studios these days are much smaller and often, at times, choked to work in. This can become a limitation especially when the recordings extend over long hours. It became apparent that a lot of treatment had been done to the room, but it wasn’t superfluous or over the top.

In conclusion,

They have a mission to provide the best possible experience for clients. Their belief is that music videos can be a powerful way to express yourself, and they want to help you make them. In addition to the work we do at our studio, we also offer digital marketing services, including YouTube promotion, – Property management on YouTube channels- PR- Music Distribution



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