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Technology is like oxygen: ubiquitous, necessary and invisible


By Prateek Garg

ibm-future-of-technology-predictionsThe only thing constant in our lives is change. This seemingly weird paradox has quite a number of practical implications when it comes to real life, and technology is one element that adheres to this concept. Either you see a hammer which is used for nailing, or talk about super fast computers solving complex problems of people. It’s a fruit of innovation, creativity and observation power of strong brains, due to which technology has influenced the whole world we see around us. It has added roller skates to our lives to an extent we couldn’t have imagined 20 years ago. Earlier we were skeptical about our present, but now we can think beyond the stars. 200 years ago, we were unsure about taking shelter on our own land, i.e. Earth, but now we are thinking of Mars. I think this is the impact of technology.

Development in technology in any country is proportional to the development of that country. As Japan is the most technologically advanced nation in Asia and may be the whole world. It is developing super advanced gadgets like dimensional elevator, which can transport anyone to different tower in just a second. Everything will be hologram and like a ultimate transporter. In weapons, Japan is developing gundam-like units that can fire lasers and can float in air. Some rumours say that Japan is developing big barriers that can defend whole Japan from nuclear bombs and tsunamis. I would say that technology has more pros than its cons and its level of development should get increased with every second of time so that human life can become more easy and fast, and any developing country can use it as an asset to get developed.

In past, we were covered by a physical world, which was good but not efficient enough to fasten the human life  but now a human’s life is next to impossible without a mobile, electricity, machines and all electrical appliances, which basically come from the surge of technology, and it has converted a physical world into a digital world. The vision of tomorrow is nothing, but to convert this digital world again into physical world in a virtual way, which is beyond the mental level of an average human mind. Technological players are trying their best to achieve that vision and the technology is named as Sixth Sense by Mr. Pranav Mistry.

Everything that exists in this world has its own pros and cons. People misuse it through the medium of media, computers or by raising violence through wars or various destructing nuclear weapons. At the same it helps in maintaining unbreakable connectivity in the society, differentiating anti-social elements of society from the normal ones.


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