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Technology: A Curse For The Workforce?


By Yash Sood

Computer, mobile phones and TV are just few of the marvels that technology has created over the last few decades. These along with other technology advancements have eased the lives of millions of people (you can talk, work or even study sitting at home). But these inventions are not just restricted to the consumers. Along with the happiness that it has given to many, it has also destroyed the life of others particularly workers.

“The modern world is on the verge of another leap in creativity and productivity, but job is not going to be part of tomorrow’s economic reality”- William Bridge in the Fortune magazine. According to it, workers will be replaced by gadgets and machines and hence it will reduce job opportunities. And this transformation is well on its way. IBM Chicago had 10,000 workers, a few years ago compared to a meager 3,500 now. There is no doubt about who and what is responsible for all this. Capitalism has turned these ‘technology marvels’ into a means of destroying jobs in order to amass profits. Technology displacing labor is evident in our day-to-day life.

Automated airline kiosks have replaced ticket agents, ATM machines have replaced bank tellers and even the Delhi Metro has introduced a machine for card recharge as well as for getting tokens. Online internet shopping sites like ebay and flipkart are not helping the cause of the middlemen. The driving force behind these technological advancements is clear. Machines do not require wages, never calls in sick and don’t require insurance. The capitalist class that owns and controls this technology has only one thing in mind: to cut the costs and increase the profits. They wouldn’t care about anyone as long as profits are rolling in.

When you look at the economic data, things seem grim. But, I feel technology can actually help us by creating new jobs; we just have to make people aware of how to make proper use of it. The working class, which is falling deeper into poverty and destitution, must unite against the capitalists. A united socialist society is just what we need right now; it will not only mean less work but will also mean that profits will accrue to the whole society and not just the wealthy. Remember, it is not technology v/s people, it is technology with the people.


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