Tasty Gallos a national chicken fast-food franchise operating in South Africa with most of their stores in in the capital Johannesburg, Gauteng goes an extra mile to make sure that they offer potential job opportunities to their fellow South African people and often donates toys and needed items to orphanages and old-age homes.

While its all good and well to play a role in corporate social responsibility most companies forget to give back to the communities that helped them at their very start. So its fair to say that we can roll out the red carpet for Tasty Gallos and hope that they continue trying to make a difference.

Tasty Gallos along with its CEO, Muhammed Gutta, received international recognition from US celebrity and actor Anthony Anderson. Anderson is well-known in the film industry for his whopping success and roles, namely known for his star role in ABC’s Black-ish and Fox sitcom The Bernie Mac Show. Anderson released a video telling Gutta that he is extremely proud of him and to keep up his good work with Tasty Gallos.

“I am extremely proud of you in all that you are doing”

Gutta being honoured by the public release of Anthony’s video says that it’s a collective effort needed to make a difference.

“It is most certainly not only myself that plays a role here , our Gallo Officials in-store welcome our people with a true Gallo Experience – making anyone who comes to the store feel welcome , our operations team conduct exemplarily training to ensure that our people understand how to display the true Gallo Experience to our customers and their fellow colleagues. We are all moving gears in a system and we want the people that work with us to have the same vision.”

“Vision is vital”

Its important that we appreciate the good work companies like Tasty Gallos do , especially when its about empowering youth and communities.

Tasty Gallos is currently the lowest and most cost effective chicken fast-food franchise in South Africa , with their Head-Quarters based in Johannesburg Gauteng and stores nationwide. Store setup costs ranges from ZAR650,000 ranging up-to ZAR950,000.

South Africa currently has an unemployment rate of around 34.5% says local sources. Tasty Gallos focuses on employing youth and previously disadvantaged South Africans from the local communities where their stores are located and set to open. Submitting your CV for consideration has never been easier via online submission , Tasty Gallos allows an easy and effective way of submitting your CV online for consideration. Just press the “Submit your CV” tab and complete the form.

“Its all about what we leave for our future generations” says Gutta.


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