In an environment fuelled by debates around body positivity and self-acceptance, it’s rather surprising that an innerwear company raises questions around these issues.

Usually, lingerie and underwear advertisements show men and women with sleek and slender bodies, usually in ‘sexy’ poses, often displaying an ideal body type.

However, one innerwear company called Tailor & Circus is breaking these stereotypes and is spreading love through their campaign, in a bid to make underwear as less sexualised as possible.

tailor & circus body positivity


The brainchild of trio Abishek Elango, Gaurav Duraisamy, and Vasanth Sampath, Tailor and Circus was started in 2016 in a bid to de-link hypersexualisation from lingerie and underwear.

The underwear is extremely comfortable and is made from extremely soft fabric- MicroModal which comes from Austria and is thrice as soft as cotton.

tailor & circus body positivity

The material is soft on the skin and has an anti-microbial finish.

“Because of its sexualisation, underwear, in general, had become uncomfortable for a lot of people. We needed a brand that was as comfortable as it was sexy”, says Elango.


The brand aims to make good quality underwear accessible to Indians all across the country with an agenda of spreading the idea of what is real.

There is great emphasis on body positivity. All their models are as real as they get with no photoshop and no unnecessary edits. They want to showcase their models as they are, in all shapes and sizes. Their underwear fits perfectly on every body type and they offer sizes that go up to 4XL.

tailor & circus body positivity

“Our idea is to portray all bodies to be sexy. It’s not a brand that’s meant just for people with a particular kind of body”, says Duraisamy.

“We want our models’ bodies to be represented and not exploited”, adds Elango.

Apart from their core campaign of body positivity, that deals with accepting oneself as they are, they recently became the talk of the town when they celebrated the Supreme Court’s verdict on Section 377. They spoke of the importance of love for all with a great emphasis on realism.

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The underwear brand is not only the upholder of the notion of body positivity, but even promotes gender equality and neutrality. All their prints are carefully designed to meet the Indian aesthetic.

They can be worn by men and women alike, without the stigma that engenders clothing. This also promotes the idea of gender fluidity and neutrality.

Additionally, they uphold the policy of equal pay for equal work, for all the women who are employed by them. They are paid the same as their male counterparts.


It’s absolutely a pleasure to look at what Tailor & Circus has to offer. With an equally aesthetic Instagram page, they are aiming to eradicate skewed notions of the ideal body type and at the same time are spreading the idea of gender fluidity, equality and neutrality.

tailor & circus body positivity

Sources: The Hindu, Indian Express, Tailor and circus 

Image Source: Google Images

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