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Swiss global blockchain company phpTrader is targeting the Korean market  


In terms of relevance and popularity on both the worldwide scale and Swiss economy, blockchain is increasing its traction. The Swiss economy has allowed the blockchain community to develop and has made it possible for many persons to use it. This is evident with the prominence of Zug’s crypto valley. Switzerland is the leading global blockchain center, and the technology presents an excellent opportunity for companies who wants to conduct a critical review of their business model and business processes. This is possible because blockchain technology has the characteristics of irreversibility, decentralization, and smart contracts. All these characteristics provide the much-needed support that companies need for transformation. phpTrader company is not left out in companies trying to set up a blockchain company as it launched its formal service in Switzerland in 2019 to establish a hub for virtual asset finance beyond virtual asset transactions. It is no news that the financial services industry is by far the most advanced when it comes to experimenting with blockchain technology. Others like the pharmaceuticals and supply chain hold vast potential to identify and look up how will blockchain will fit them.

Furthermore, it is believed that Switzerland can be a world-leading hub for innovations like blockchain if stockholders make an effort to bring the brightest mind and foreign direct investment into the country’s economy to set up innovative new enterprises. But while we are still waiting for that to be achieved, phpTrader has started spreading its wings to other countries like Germany, China, Japan, and now Korea. The phpTrader company is drawing attention globally as it is taking the lead in the Asian market as the Swiss Global Blockchain Platform phpTrader project tends to speed up its entry into the Asian cryptocurrency market. The company believes that all societal, as well as technological challenges around blockchain, can be overcome if the necessary stockholders in the market contribute their fair share. And so phpTrader company has taken it upon itself to spread the good news of blockchain technology around the world, and the successful entering of the company into the Korean market will be a big win both to the company and the citizens of Korea. It will be a big win for the company because it will create publicity for them and more people will patronize them at the end of the day. For the citizens in Korea, they will enjoy top-notch service with phpTrader. The company whose primary goal is to make the buying and selling of cryptocurrency straightforward for those that patronize them also put an extra effort into creating an arbitrage bot that will act on behalf of the dealer to help him or her in automating and simplifying the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. The phpTrader selling and buying bot automatically analyzes hundreds of transactions per second intending to find the difference in price between cryptocurrency from the different markets so that profit can be made for the dealer.

With phpTrader company focusing on the Korean market, they will increase their enterprise and will get extra belief and transactions from the Korean market.

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