Bollywood actor Swara Bhasker and a food blogger have been engaged in an online fight for a few days. But what is it all about?

Swara Bhasker’s Tweet

On 16th June, Nalini Unagar, a food blogger posted on her Twitter/X profile a photo of a plate of fried rice and paneer dish with the caption “I’m proud to be a vegetarian. My plate is free from tears, cruelty and guilt.”

To this Hindi film actor Swara Bhasker quoted and wrote, “Honestly, I don’t understand this smug self-righteousness of vegetarians. Your entire diet is made up of denying the calf its mother’s milk. Forcibly impregnating cows, then separating them from their babies & stealing their milk. You eat root vegetables? That kills the whole plant! Please relax with the virtue signalling just because it’s Bakr Eid!”.

While the initial post by the food blogger was posted a day before the festival of Eid al-Adha or Bakrid as it’s commonly known, the caption didn’t mention the festival by name.

Food Blogger’s Reply

On 21st June, Nalini tweeted a picture collage of Swara with one image being a slightly older picture of the actor and another a more recent one after she had a baby with the caption, “What did she eat?”

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In the now-deleted tweet, Swara quote tweeted and wrote, “She had a baby. And do better Nalini!”

To this, Nalini posted her response, calling out that Swara brought up the whole thing in the first place and made her initial post communal. The food blogger while accepting her mistake in the body shaming post and agreeing to delete her post also commented that the actor has a big fan base and should be careful of the comments she makes.

Nalini posted, “I was doing well, but you got in my way by spreading hatred on my vegetarian post. I regularly promote vegetarianism, and that post was just part of it. Your response turned it into a communal issue, which is why I didn’t respond that day. Your food choices are your own, and I have no issue with that. However, I am free to express and promote vegetarianism.

Yes, I am vegetarian and understand that dairy can be cruel in some way. I will be more proud when I become vegan. You turned my post into a communal issue. You have a huge fan base, so please think twice before making such comments. Your words can impact society and cause significant trouble for people like me.

I accept my mistake by posting your photos and will delete them soon. DARO MAT accept your mistakes and delete hate against me. Have a beautiful morning. Enjoy your breakfast.”

Swara’s Response To Body Shaming

Swara responded to Nalini’s reply on 22nd June: “Let’s get into this! U got upset that I called out your veg-supremacy post- clearly intended to target Muslims on Bakr-Eid. Ok. But instead of engaging with me on vegetarianism you chose to shame a breast-feeding mother of an infant for putting on weight?? You are a nutritionist?”

Several users did comment that both Nalini’s initial post and the one body shaming Swara Bhasker were not sensitive.

One wrote, “Kinda difficult to believe that your ‘cruelty-free’ post coinciding with Bakrid was just about ‘promoting vegetarianism'”. At the same time, another replied, “Nalini, Your post was not in good taste, commenting on a mother’s weight post delivery is body-shaming.”

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