Whatever one might say, students of IIT have very unique and somewhat better thinking than students of other engineering colleges. Well, maybe that is why they are in IITs.

India receives a lot of rainfall starting in the month of July through October, not considering the deficit we have had in some particular areas for more than a decade now.

The flipside of the coin is that the groundwater level in India, on an average, is going down every year. Someone has to do something about this problem otherwise scarcity of water is an issue which is going to stay for long.

Saving Rainwater The Green Way

Students of IIT-BHU came up with a new kind of brick, made out of waste, which can be put into roads directly, or pavements at least, and used to harness rainwater.

These bricks are made out of waste. That is the biggest achievement that these students should be applauded for.

As mentioned in The Hindu, this brick can be made using simply available materials – a polymer substance, some fibrous substance, and a chemical that is specially developed at IIT. Any old or new plastic can be used, for example, broken buckets, to make tiles and bricks using this technology.

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The second milestone that these geniuses have reached is to develop a brick out of waste that can harness water. Here’s how.

The brick is porous and has several seepage paths in it. These bricks can be used to make roads and pathways and when it rains, the water seeps down to the ground easily without getting the road waterlogged.

A big application of these bricks will be during floods. Preventing roads from being waterlogged is the first and the most important step towards the prevention of floods. We witnessed what happened in Patna recently. These are solutions that can be used in real-time.

Another big feature of these bricks and tiles is that they remain intact, even if heavy vehicles go over them. They are strong and durable and can be utilized in urban terrains where roads are mostly waterlogged during rains.

Only if we fund these innovations more, rather than arranging several meetings of ministers who only play the blame game, we could have half of our nation’s problems solved within the next 6 months.

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Sources: ASN Live, Indian Express, The Hindu Businessline

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