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Starboy : The Latest Album By The Weeknd Gets Its Very Own ED Review


Starboy, one of the most anticipated albums by an artist this year has finally released and trust us, it’s well worth your time.

The Weeknd has definitely taken up some experimental approach to this album which works really well for most of it as it offers variety, range and elite collaborations which transforms this album into a modern pop music phenomenon.

The album art for Starboy.
The album art for Starboy.

We took the liberty of listening to the album and offering our review about it, with all the bad and good that this record offers. And trust us again, this is a pretty amazing album.

So, here you have it. ED Review of The Weeknd’s latest release, Starboy :

The album begins with its first track which was also released as its lead single titled “Starboy”. The opening couldn’t have been better as The Weeknd had roped in the talented duo of Daft Punk to produce the track. It’s a brilliant piece to begin with, using a minimalist production style which highlights a powerful chorus accompanied by The Weeknd’s soothing vocals and stunning delivery on the track. It’s a chart-topper, without a doubt. Daft Punk are at it again.

Up next is the recent release “Party Monster”, which is a slow jam on a part East Coast – part horror beat with some catchy melodies here and there. This is a fairly good track but not outright exceptional. That stuff is yet to come. The chorus of this song is sure to grow on you, though. It gets stuck in your head, after a while. Very catchy.

The album then takes a sharply bizarre turn with its next track titled “False Alarm”, which to me IS THE ONE AND ONLY DISAPPOINTING TRACK ON THE ALBUM. Pacy music, shouted chorus with the “Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey” chants and corny lyrics. Doesn’t work.

Next up is “Reminder”, which is catchy as much as it is funny. Funny because The Weeknd literally accepts that his mega hit song titled “Can’t Feel My Face” actually got a kid’s award even if the song was about getting high on cocaine with his super suggestive lyrics on the song. Even then, it’s a pretty good listen.

The next track is “Rockin'” which is something I’d listen to while jogging but it has a rather unusual sound to accompany it which may not be appealing to the masses.

The Weeknd then sails smoothly on his next two tracks : “Secrets”, which is a slightly upbeat and retro track. This is one of the best tracks on the album and the chorus will have you playing it ON REPEAT. Loved it! No complaints.

The next is a slow jam “True Colours”,  which is more like a commercial lost-love song but The Weeknd’s voice is the key which drives it.

The next two tracks are the most anticipated tracks on the album featuring two MEGA COLLABORATIONS : “Stargirl” is an interlude with Lana Del Rey and “Sidewalks” is brilliant track with Kendrick Lamar. The former leaves you wishing for more but hey, it’s an interlude and works pretty well. On the other hand, Kendrick is pin-point brilliant with his sharp lyrics and delivery and provies a perfect balance to The Weeknd’s lush vocals on a rather slow and plesantly hypnoic beat. The hook could’ve been more emphatic but the duo makes up for it pretty well in their verses.

“Six Feet Under” is the next collaboration with Future and the track is rather less impressive as compared to others but yet again, The Weeknd’s delivery is key. I’m not a huge fan of the beat on this track, though.

 Next 2 tracks are “Love To Lay” and “A Lonely Night”, with the both of them being uptempo tracks hihglighting how Starboy is indeed a different venture comapred to The Weeknd’s preious works and offer a slightly grand vibe to the album with mellow lyrics and vocals on (I believe) Auto-Tuned layers, which is a suprise considering the singer’s ability.

“Attention”, the next songs is a rather underrated track on the album with its flawless vocals and ballad-feel, venturing into The Weeknd’s ground zero. Top track, this one!

“Ordinary Life” is a track which I feel is more intended for the mainstream listeners but hey, I’m not complaining. Smooth music on this one. Up next is “Nothing Without You”, which came as a pleasant surprise to me considering its title but this right here offers probably one of the most catchy hooks on the album and some superb production. Again, The Weeknd is gonna have field day with the mainstream audience. Totally nailing it on these two tracks.

Much better on the next collaboration featuring Future titled “All I Know” which has him and The Weeknd gliding on an East Coast inspired beat but still too many sound effects to comprehend and it gets better on the next solo titled “Die For You”, which sees him shift to his favored slow jam love songs and this one offers a rather powerful chorus with heavy drums and that works realllly well!

The iconic duo Daft Punk, who've produced arguably the 2 best tracks on the album.
The iconic duo Daft Punk, who’ve produced arguably the 2 best tracks on the album.

The final track closes the album with a BANGER. The Weeknd ropes in Daft Punk yet again for the grand finale titled “I Feel It Coming”, which is a standout track boasting of classic Daft Punk production with peppy drums, robo echoes and a brilliant singer on the verses and hook. Pure pop bliss. Loved it.

So, to sum it up : The Weeknd changes angles on Starboy with some impressive production and ever so lush vocals which hold the record together. Starboy sees him venture into a more commercial territory but for all the better. A little inconsistent in places but some tracks are just sheer magic.

Standout tracks from the album :

Starboy ; Secrets ; Sidewalks (feat. Kendrick Lamar) ; Attention ; Ordinary Life ; Nothing Without You ; I Feel It Coming.

OUR RATING FOR THE ALBUM : 3.5 out of 5.

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