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Stankevicius MGM 2020: the Turn of Strategic PR and IR to Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries


COVID-19 shaked markets and industries around the world heavily. It has led businesses to cut staff and expenses and even shut down completely. Favorable digital asset market has experienced tremendous market drops during the year.

Keeping the brand up in 2020 was a challenge for many companies in all industries. Something new was required to implement in order to truly help companies raise from the collapsing markets. 

Regular advertising strategies no longer worked as the amount of spending from buyers’ side was not as high as before, in fact, according to Stankevicius analytics buyers were not eager to spend too much during crisis time as focus shifted towards self care and personal issues. These things affected SME and corporate business as every normal employee and executive were facing personal problems. 

Coronavirus has impacted businesses on a very deep level in which staff was not able to work in the workplace, attend meetings, nor do work properly. Isolation and work from home still applies to most of the companies around the world even today. Even though the safety restrictions have been lifted the issues remain the same. 

For most of the businesses, 2020 was not a profit generation year but more of a managing crisis and managing losses in the most efficient way. Yet, 2020 brought many opportunities to certain industries such as medical and pharmaceutical. 

Medical and pharmaceutical companies had huge advantages as entire year advertising and public relations campaigns were run around these companies non stop including a lot of free PR. 

In 2020 Stankevicius MGM turned its mission to medical industry promotion and crisis management communication. Crisis management applied to most of the industries from physical  retail to online business. Considerably, certain online businesses have benefited and have grown significantly during the year as stay home restrictions were applied which turned the purchase focus to online. 

Companies dealing with medical equipment received great visibility in the market enabling them to generate 1000x profits as medical items for protection against COVID-19 increased buying demand significantly. 

Stankevicius helped tier 1 clients (medical and pharmaceutical industry companies) to gain extreme exposure which led them to dominate the medical trading market while at the same time Stankevicius assisted tier 2 clients (non medical and non pharmaceutical) with crisis communications efficiently to manage profit loss and minimize revenue drops as much as possible while protecting client’s interest and negotiating with their investors.

About Stankevicius MGM

Stankevicius MGM is a leading global advertising, marketing, and public relations firm that provides a wide range of advertising and marketing services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial companies, startups, and individuals. Founded in 2014, the firm is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and maintains locations in Hong Kong, Helsinki, and Minsk.

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