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SRK: You can love him, hate him but surely not ignore him


Before Modi came, India was riding its pride campaign on Romance King’s back. Shah Rukh Khan made Bollywood and India famous. He is loved by fans both in India and abroad. The madness and love for him just doesn’t end. SRK is a BRAND and even people abroad many a times connect India to SRK. Such is the stature of the man who turned 49 this November.

My name is Khan and I’m a global superstar

A Delhi boy with a simple economics degree from Hansraj College stepped into the ‘dream city’. And while taking a stroll on Marine Drive, casually said, “I will rule this city one day.” Little would anyone imagine such a random statement coming true, that too true in the sense that the Delhi boy is now ruling the entire Earth! Earning the life he presently owns, by working in films rejected by then superstars Salman and Aamir, Shah Rukh is stepping into his 50th.

Synonym of love for every teenage girl in India, the King of Romance has created troubles for all the boys. Claiming to be a shy person in real life, his charisma and gentleman manners have set the standards for the nation’s guys. Simrans are still finding their Raj in Euro Rail, Poojas want to dance their way into hearts of Rahul and college corridors are about Anjali-Rahul like nok-jhok.

When ‘Knight of the Legion of Honor’ holder celebrates his 49th birthday along with his success party of Happy New Year, the entire film fraternity is sure to have a gala time.

party1 (1)

That’s the way, SELFIE way

Birthday Bash at Mannat was nothing short of pouts, eyebrows and crazy selfies. Guests of the party left no stone unturned to make it large for SRK turning 49. With Jr. Bachchan and Sonu Sood dancing to their songs from Happy New Year and rest of the cast joining them, the night had to be Nonsense and Sharabi. Further, when Madhuri performed for his favourite on screen co-star, you really can’t ask the question; Dil kyun Dhak Dhak Karta Hai? Adding fuel to the fire on stage set by Madhuri , could be no other person than the dance heart-throb and close friend Hrithik Roshan.  These are just some names that made the surprise party memorable for King Khan. Others include Karan Johar (the most expected) Karishma Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, Aishwarya Singh, Mika, Ali Zafar, Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora Khan who rocked the party from 10 pm to 6 am by ‘putting their hands up, making noise and singing Om Shanti Om’.



Fans wishing DIL SE

Bollywood Badshaah’s Birthday is a big day for his lovers and self proclaimed biggest fans as well. Leaving all work, they set to celebrate their King’s Birthday in all possible ways. The craziest wishes by far, as per me were the birthday wishing of Kamla Nehru College Girls’. 2012 had Karva Chauth on the same day as SRK birthday and the rest you can understand. These fans kept a fast for the ever romantic hero for celebrating his birthday.

Cut to 2014. At the stroke of midnight, when the whole world was sleeping, SRK Mumbai fans were waiting for just one glimpse of him. Crowding the Mannat streets, they thronged his bungalow for the man himself to acknowledge their presence. Even the modern day Don came out to thank the fans outside as he does every year. He was there within seconds of midnight to appreciate the love and wishing of his dear audience who has made him the Badshaah.


In this era of social media, fans also resorted to wishing him on twitter and FB. The Facebook walls were filled with fan-edits wishing their hero, sharing his famous dialogues, scenes and songs, forwarding articles which speak of his great witty nature, his uber cool romantic image and his dimples. The point being, the lovers of Raj-Rahul went all lengths to make him the trending person that day.


Screenshot (2)        Screenshot (3)



Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai

As SRK steps into his half century, all we can say from his life is, Kucch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai. Being a self made man in this industry, he is one person who somehow affects lives of every person in this nation and world. 22 years of his Matinee life, starting from Television’s Capt Avimanyu to the Charlie of Happy New Year, the journey has been amazing. Millions of girls die as he spreads his arm; millions of boys follow his “6 din ladki in” formula; millions of mothers want a son like Rahul of K3G and millions of fathers want a son like Major Ram. Basically, all age group just LOVE him. Every character has been larger than life just as him being larger than life, living life King size. And he openly agrees to the fact of enjoying the life he has earned now. But yes along with it he does acknowledge the importance of fans in his lives and gives them the most priority as is visible from his movie promotions and crowd interactions. Never has he refused any demand of his fan.


And with his 2015th birthday as the 50th birthday, the party plans, surprises and gifts are sure to have started the moment 49th bash ended. So a word of advice for all those fans waiting eagerly to make their hero’s golden jubilee a big one, start your plans as well.


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