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Sportskeeda Live App: We Liv’ED It: All About Sports


The sports world is buzzing with something exciting all the time. India vs Australia Series, English Premier League, FIFA Ballon d’Or, Premier Badminton League, WTA Sydney International tada tada tada. And with so much going on across the world, I don’t want to loose out on the Sports  News because of my busy day.

Looking for a live cricket score with minimal data usage (my net usage crosses Rs.500 per month easily), I came across this Sportskeeda Live App.

So we do what we do the best, that is a Liv’ED It on it to get you our real, personal experience of using the app and its features.


The app is just 3.58MB. Yay! Not posing much of storage issues.



And after a few minutes of installation, I had the app on my phone to update me on the latest in the sports world. I elected my inclination and customised the experience. If I don’t want to know about cycling, then very well, I drop the game out of my selections. :D No added hassles you see. And like your tastes and preferences change often, you can change the chosen sports. A selection from more than 30 sports for the live social feeds and updates. 




Be it Sachin Tendulkar turning into an actor or the breaking news of matches and players or the live scores for cricket and football, it’s all there. I was just looking for live scores for the much followed India – Australia series, but got so many things worth knowing with it :P. What better to watch the scores and stories, both side by side.Interesting!



The interface of the scores section got my attention. With a dateline running vertically and month line running horizontally, I could go through scores of any of the previous matches as well. Further, I could know the upcoming events as well, though their scores would be lacking, obviously.


Not a very happy score sheet – Rohit Sharma Shined, But India could not! :(



Bookmarking, sharing and searching: without these, an app is not an app. So, have any fights over sports and you know you are right, show them the bookmarked story or even better; just share that news article with them. This is a useful feature for sure, especially for us college students.

(I still can’t get over the fact the Sachin will be in a movie) *wink*

So finally, an easy to use app, good looks, very handy when it comes to being a one-stop shop for more than 30 sports, and moreover the credibility of Sportskeeda.

So here’s our mark sheet on them:

Criterion Rating (out of 5)
Concept 4
Features 4.5
Ease of Usage 4

So all you sportskeedas, what are you waiting for? Hit the playstore link now! SK Live Android App can be downloaded from here.

Check out the video version of our Liv’ED IT!



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