New Delhi (India), February 20: Conceptualised and founded by Ashwiinii Dongare in 2015, Smart Home Designs LLP is an interior design studio based in Pune, Maharashtra. 

The studio holds specialisation in curating exceptional home designs and emphasises incorporating functional choices, sustainable use of resources, and bringing to life unmatched aesthetics. 

Having graduated from Pune University with a degree in interior design, a sector she had always been curious about, Ashwiinii ventured into it with immense passion and dedication along with her husband, Dr. Mukesh Bangar as her constant support and pillar of strength. 

Ashwiinii Dongare is growing exponentially, and so is her design studio, owing to her hard work and the constant quest to experiment with the unknown. Ashwiinii has guided various premium projects and has delivered them to many satisfied customers. 

At Interiors By Ashwiinii Dongare LLP, also known as Smart Home Designs LLP, extra attention and personalization are added to every project by making additional visits to the site with expert monitoring of the process by Ashwiinii herself. 

What sets Ashwiinii Dongare and her studio apart from their contemporaries is creativity, resilience, and a futuristic mindset towards each project. Interiors By Ashwiinii Dongare is built on the passion and dedication of Ashwiinii Dongare and her team and helps various families take a step ahead toward their dream homes. 

The studio, spearheaded by Ashwiinii Dongare, aims to provide unique, quality services to clients at a consistent rate. With many happy consumers, Ashwiinii Dongare and her studio enjoy a 5-star rating for their expert design services. 

Additionally, Ashwiinii Dongare is a leading name in her industry and she continuously strives to ideate fresh positioning and designs of various concepts, including but not limited to furniture, lighting, etc. 

Due to her disruptive work, Ashwiinii Dongare has amassed more than 583k followers on Instagram, where she regularly documents behind the scenes of her projects, snippets of her finished projects, and glimpses of her life. 

Additionally, she runs her own YouTube channel known as ‘Interiors by Ashwiinii Dongare’ where she highlights a detailed journey of her work to inspire budding designers. Her YouTube channel has garnered lakhs of views and subscribers. 

Ashwiinii Dongare is an advocate of women’s empowerment and believes that women should opt for building their businesses in a bid to make themselves independent and follow their passion.

The future is bright for Ashwiinii Dongare and her studio, and so are their plans to expand and create cost-effective, sophisticated designs to impact the lives of their consumers.




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