New Delhi (India), February 20: Bonasila Planters is an Ahmedabad-based premium FRP Planters brand that offers elegant-looking, unbreakable & eye-catching planters, which are a dream come true for every nature lover. For the past six years, it has been creating planters that are perfect for any space, be it residential or commercial.

There are more than 46 designs available, including 24 Matt and Gloss colours, 24 Rustic finishes, 4 Bumpy finishes and 307 SKUs under the present collections named Tabto, Marbelo, Existo, Rezelo, Massio and Newo.

Bonasila has achieved remarkable success under Mr. Kapil Vaishnani, Founder and Promoter, Mr. Shilpan Vaishnani, Co-Founder and manufacturer, and Co-Founder and Planter Designer, Brinda Mehta’s leadership. Each founder has added a lot of value to the brand’s overall existence and purpose. Kapil’s foresightedness, Shilpan’s passion for manufacturing and Brinda’s unique design sense; all benefitted the brand greatly.

Bonasila has planters for both commercial and residential use. They are suitable for both large and small spaces. A wide variety of colours and finishes are offered in various sizes and volumes with stunning, one-of-a-kind designs that enhance the charm of any space.

Each Bonasila planter is manufactured with meticulous supervision and intricate attention to quality. The planters are suitable for both indoor & outdoor spaces. The beauty, strength and quality of the planters make it a customer’s favourite, while a variety of colour schemes, interesting shapes, and distinctive designs have consistently attracted a sizable customer base.

Customers can easily choose the right planter for their needs by browsing the brand’s website, where the planters are categorised according to their shape and size. Bonasila is a global brand that ships its products both in India & globally. Check out to explore the collections from the brand.



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