Starc’s peach of a delivery to bowl Vince out is certainly one of the highlights of the current Ashes. Gramme Swann perfectly sums it up by saying,

It would have got Sachin out 1,000 out of 1,000 times”

We have been witness to many such deliveries which has lifted us from our seats and clap with awe.

Now without much ado, let us watch some of the best deliveries ever bowled in the history of cricket.

1. Shane Warne to Mike Gatting

Wisden wrote that “never, perhaps, has one delivery cast so long a shadow over a game, or a series”. It has been rightly being dubbed as the ball of the century. The ball drifted lazily onto leg stump, then spun back ferociously back a yard or two and clipped the top of the off stump.

It was some magic.

2. Shane Warne to Andrew Strauss

I may be a little biased towards Warne but this delivery is clearly one of the best that has been bowled in test cricket. I still distinctly remember watching this test match when I was about 7-8 years old and how I had jumped off my bed on seeing Strauss getting back to the pavilion after being bamboozled by the magician.

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3. Wasim Akram to Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis

The Sultan Of Swing had probably the best moment of his career in the World Cup final of 1992. He bowled two absolute reverse swinging beauties to bowl Lamb and Lewis. Aaqib Javed rightly said,

“Those two deliveries were unplayable. It was perfect reverse swing. Wasim will remember that unique spell all his life.”

And Pakistan went on to win the World Cup as well.

4. James Anderson to Brathwaite

James Anderson is clearly the most underrated bowler in the world. He is probably the best bowler of the current generation along with Dale Steyn and deserves a lot more plaudits than he receives.

Here is a clip which showcases his outstanding swinging ability. Brathwaite was clearly in want of some breath after getting out to this magnificent inswinging delivery.

5. Zaheer Khan to Mitchell Johnson

This article would have been incomplete if I hadn’t mentioned Zaheer Khan in it. The best fast bowler that India has produced, he is one of the stalwarts of the game.

This delivery of Zaheer Khan was very important in the match’s context and his uncanny ability to move the old ball around brought India much dividend.

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