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Social media star Aliya Hamidi is all set for her upcoming music video launch


There are a lot of social media influencers these days, but not everyone knows how to stand out from the crowd. Aliya Hamidi is the perfect example of one of the best social media influencers. She’s not just a social media influencer, but also an actress and a makeup artist. Her acting videos are becoming viral day by day. It has helped her gain a huge fan following on every social media platform. Aliya Hamidi is also a makeup artist. She keeps posting her makeup videos and tutorials now and then. Her followers enjoy all her videos, especially the girls, they follow her makeup videos as they are easy to understand and informative.

Aliya Hamidi has worked for a lot of music movies. She has also accomplished different song movies with international cricketer/singer Dwayne Bravo. Along with that, she has also worked in 5 Punjabi music movies. One of the songs named “Manmaaniya”, sung by Kay J has crossed 3 million views on Youtube. The other one named “Jatti song” with the co-actor Saddu Shaikh, directed by Dinesh Soi, has also crossed over 2 million views. According to the sources, Aliya Hamidi’s upcoming projects include a Punjabi song named “Love your song” with the singer Ayush Talniya. All these things have made Aliya make her presence in front of her audience and in the industry. Aliya also has significant dreams of operating in Bollywood videos. All these work and social presence have helped Aliya Hamidi grow on social media as well as in different aspects of life.

“I want every woman to be independent and should be given the freedom to stand up and take decisions for themselves”, says Aliya Hamidi. She always supports and stands for Women empowerment, she also keeps her social media updated with such awareness and empowerment posts. She also stays connected to her fans and followers through different ways like interacting with them through live videos or replying to comments or DM’s. She never disappoints any of her lovers, that’s what makes her more loving.

Aliya is loved by millions of people. Aliya Hamidi’s content includes information, entertainment, humor, fun, and that’s what keeps people engaged and connected to her. That also makes her one of the top influencers on social media.

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