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Modiji’s “Smile More To Score More” And Everything Else Sarcastic That Was Said in News This Week


The world never gets tired of being bizarre. And with people like Trump stomping around in the face of this planet, I tell you, we are never going to be living in peace again. 

Here’s everything sarcastic that happened in news this week.



Serena Williams Has Her Head In The Game And She is Not Going To Stop At 23!

Serena Williams

Serena Williams beats sister Venus Williams at the Australian Open to become the most decorated player ever in the Open era and the world could not have been prouder! Undoubtedly a God’s gift to humanity, she is is showing no signs of stepping down from here throne anytime soon.

Take that Serena Bashers.


Theresa May And Donald Trump Are Potential New Best Friends.


There is just so much Trump news around that you just cannot ignore it! Channeling Reagen-Thatcher diplomacy love, Theresa May and Donald Trump are more than eager to embark on strengthening political ties post-Brexit. This looks rather snarky to me, more like a Mean Girls club.

At least she has been pressurized enough to admit that she disagrees with the refugee ban.


Smile More To Score More? Yehi Hain Modiji Ki Mann Ki Baat!


Narendra Modiji has asked students to treat exam as a festival rather than a test of life. He persuades students to challenge and compete with themselves rather than with each other. Wish that would get everyone good marks huh.



Trump Government Decides To Play By Threats.


So Trump has decided to impose a temporary ban and bully Mexicans into paying for a wall that he wants to build. If that was not enough, his special U.N. envoy Nikki Haley was pretty clear on their diplomatic stand when she said, “For those that don’t have our back, we’re taking names, we will make points to respond to that accordingly.”

This is how ‘things will be different’ in Great America.


Sanjay Leela Bansali Gets Assaulted on The Sets Of Padmavati.


A group of so-called activists forced the shooting to be halted at the Jaigarh Fort sets in Jaipur, vandalized the location and even assaulted the national award winning director. If this is the creative freedom filmmakers enjoy in our democracy, the government should probably ban Bollywood altogether.


There is Now a Directive For How The Disabled Should Behave During The National Anthem.


The brief is this, they must remain absolutely still. What kind of coercion is this?! Can we please work on getting better facilities for them instead?

That’s all for news this week. Come back for a heavier dose of sarcasm, same place next week!

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Brinda Sen
Brinda Sen
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