With two months to go, the most crucial time of preparation has begun for the students appearing in Prelims-2023. Students, who can make the most out of this time period, are most likely to succeed in the Prelims exam.

Revision is the most time and energy-consuming task performed by student’s right before the examination. The traditional revision techniques of re-reading, underlining, or highlighting the important content is often time-consuming and become a routine task that neither develops critical thinking nor aid in long-term retention of the content.

However, the most challenging questions in front of students lie in finding the answer to the question, i.e, How to revise smartly?

Smart revision is a focused and organized approach to revise the subjects based on their relative significance in the examination and students’ own comfort level. Subjects that have higher weightage or may pose a challenge during last-moment revision should be provided greater time and attention.

To perform well in the Prelims exam, channelizing the right efforts in the right direction is a crucial aspect of preparation. Therefore, prioritization of important subjects and topics therein is pivotal in ensuring success in the exam.

Multiple revisions in a short span of time result in the consolidation of learning’s and a better understanding of concepts and their apt application. Creating synoptic notes and their daily, weekly, and monthly revisions can help in achieving the said objectives. It also makes the revision exercise more engaging and results in better learning outcomes.

Practicing Mocks and PYQs are great tools of revision that help students better understand the demand of the examination, facilitate easy recall and application of information, and identification of shortcomings and strengths.

Mock Tests and post-test analysis also help in validating the exam strategies like achieving higher precision while making informed guesses and applying elimination methods. In addition, it facilitates the revision of identified questions and associated concepts.

The large volume of information is required to be consumed and processed before the Prelims examination. Techniques like Storytelling and mnemonics wherein we associate information with personalities and places facilitating better retention and recalling ability.

Another approach to efficiently consume, process, and retain large volumes of data and information is creating mind palaces. This technique involves visualizing a place with various features in which you could physically store a set of memories and information.

A quiz-based revision technique combines revision with short Q&A sessions. This results in quick thinking, improved reaction time, better application of knowledge, and instills confidence. Explaining difficult concepts to peers will not only improve group learning but also enhance individual learning outcomes.

In this regard, Abhyaas Prelims, a pan India exam with its presence in more than 170+ cities provides an apt opportunity to the students to validate the efficacy of the smart revision approaches and techniques in an UPSC simulated environment.

Abhyaas offers students a chance to evaluate their objective skills, problem-solving aptitude, mental agility, and decision-making abilities and gauge the level of their preparation. Students can identify their strengths and shortcomings, learn from their mistakes and discover smarter ways to approach questions during the exam.

Post-test analysis and test discussions provide students with the opportunity to learn alternative ways to approach the questions. Additionally, it facilitates learning through interaction with senior facilities and avail high-end and unlimited mentoring services.

The period of preparation is believed to be the most opportune moment for planting the seeds of success.

So, it becomes essential for the aspirants to shift their focus from feeling anxious about the outcome of the exam to maintaining a sense of calmness and composure that can be ensured by adhering to smart ways of revision.

“You are braver than you believe, Stronger than you seem, and Smarter than you think”

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