January 13: A true testimony of dreams becoming a reality and an inspiration for all those who don’t stop chasing dreams! Yes, we are talking about our very own Palvi Virmani, raised and brought up in Karnal, who is making ripples in the music industry now! It’s true we know her as an interior designer par excellence and a pioneer in the field of custom furniture, but today as she stands on the threshold of her second big single release, we cannot but be in awe of her multiple talents and how she won’t cease to make us all proud!! 

Her voice penetrates to the soul and rings with the notes of earthiness. The roaring success of her first single clearly brings to the forefront the need for a soulful voice amidst the cacophony of new age singing styles.

She has always been known to have taken enterprising steps that not only ensure her own growth but that for the local community as well. She has embraced the locally grown talents and is ensuring that most of her crew, the production team and the actors are from around here! 

We eagerly await her new single and wish her all the very best as she vows to proudly perch her hometown on the map of the Indian music industry. Palvi Virmani has poured out her heart and soul in her enthralling new single that is sure to win every heart. As life presents a tumultuous time and another, it’s music that helps us sail through. Palvi Virmani started her musical journey during the most trying of COVID times to keep herself together and hopes her music serves the purpose of giving respite and joy to her listeners. If nothing else, this pandemic has taught us that life has so much more than just working within four walls for earning, we all discovered our talents in the kitchen and gardens, some on the canvas and some at board games, but some of us like Palvi Virmani decided to seize the opportunity to showcase their passion and let in everyone on the pleasure and peace she derived from her melodies! She started with home videos alongside her son, who thoroughly enjoys being her work partner and the magic they co-created led to the idea of a beautiful music video, ‘Tere Naal Pyaar’, which quickly spiralled into a  success story. 

Palvi Virmani’s humble beginning and the story of her rise to the pinnacle come together in her songs, and this soulful experience grows on you. Looking forward to more musical mystique from this diva as she unveils her latest work of passion!


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