September 29: Singer / Song Composer Meenakshi Pange is a name that is progressing day by day with her melodious songs. Meenakshi Pange is launching her songs one after the other these days, and people are very fond of her music. 

After the success of Meenakshi’s first song, You Never Know, her second song Mahi Ve is also advancing, and she also has three new songs in line. Upcoming songs are Yeh Dil Ki Baatein and Hai Yeh Ik Tammana & TERE BINA, released with a top brand. 

Teasers would be out soon. Meenakshi told that “I always had the desire to be an integral part of the Music industry since childhood, due to corporate/home work-life balance, this dream of childhood was on the back burner and covid time has taught many lessons of life. 

So I want to fulfil dreams in the present rather than procrastinating. I am so grateful to my family and friends, who always encouraged me to move forward and listened to my gut feelings and supported me in my life journey.

 Today when two songs of my own have been released, and people have given so much love to these songs, it seems that I need to work harder now so that I can keep coming up with a more amazing collection of songs as a Singer/ Lyricist/ Song composer.”



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