Being an exceptional actor takes a whole lot of skill level, dedication, experience, and sacrifice. A passion for performing and entertaining is a key quality, and a good actor should have the confidence to portray their role in a production convincingly and connect with audiences. They need physicality to convey the emotions, motivations, and intentions of a character through physical movement as well as speech.

Introducing SHRIKRISH –A Person of Prominence and Brilliant Achievement in the Film Industry as An Actor. His journey starts from struggling dancer then Choreographer and at last with so much of hard work he reached to Actor.

And now he is recognized as an ACTOR and his fans appreciate him in Romantic roles in the films and web series.

“Do you like to dance? When you hear your favorite song come on the radio, do you begin to move to the beat? Dancing can be a wonderful way to express yourself artistically!”

On this criteria and thinking Shrikrish – A person of prominence with his expertise has made his Journey of Life with Dancing as a Passion and Profession. 

Shrikrish is an Indian Tik Tok Star, Dancer & Social media influencer who gained a huge fan following through the social media platform “Tik Tok.“

Shrikrish started his career as a Dancer to Choreographer after that he tries his hand in Tik Tok in 2018. He designs and directs dance routines. He not only invent but makes perfect dance moves, but he makes sure that he coordinates with the music and provide entertainment for the audience. On Seeing the world of Digitalization for career promotion. He got an idea to start making Tik Tok Videos. His content for videos is original and made up of his own intelligence. The content of videos includes :

  • Dance Videos
  • Comedy videos
  • Romantic videos 

Shrikrish birth story was different from others. His mother gave him birth during her Journey in Train, As the train was crossing the Mathura Railway Station with God’s grace he was born. Passengers were appreciating the destiny of him that he was born in Mathura  – “ A birthplace of Lord Krishna”. They also said that he will be inculcated the features of Lord Krishna in his personality. During his Childhood period, his parents used to call him Shri. And this short name turned into a nickname for him. Unfortunately, he lost his parents in his early childhood, and A noble lady adopted and brought him up with all love and care. She made him a better person and helped him to achieve his goals as a mother does for his child.

The date of Birth was 10th July 1991. His Zodiac Sign is Cancerian. He belongs to the Hindu religion. He can speak Hindi, English, Bengali. He completed his schooling and college in Mumbai. He is a Graduate. He resides in Ahmedabad. His struggles to achieve this position was started from his childhood. He always fits himself in any task of life. He is a dedicated person in his work. His hardworking habit and accomplishing any type of work have paid him with renowned titles in his profession. He made his Profession in Tik Tok Artist, Model, Influencer, Dancer & Choreographer.

He has a miraculous physical appearance, his eyes color is brown and his hair color is black. His height is 5feet 8 inches. His Tall look made his appearance more appreciable and increased his fan lists.

 He is an unmarried Celebrity. Many female fans are after him and dream about his presence in their life. His Handsome personality and intelligence have helped him in achieving goals in his life.

He believes in Love and Relationships because he wants to make every people smile. He also believes in Humanity and as much as possible he helps the needy. 

As a start-up career, he took Dancing and then joined A Dance Academy to get perfection and then with his hardworking he became a Choreographer of a student who participated in “Dance India Dance Season 5”. 

The student was awarded “Taqdeer Ki Topi “ by the famous Indian Choreographers:


And his skills as a Choreographer have paid the student he trained with a remarkable position and prizes in many reputed Dance performances platforms – “Gujarati Naach Mere Sath” a famous Dance Stage on Colors TV Channel, the student was in top 30. And The Famous Gujarati actor HITU KANUDIA has given the title of Hero in front of all present in this show. 

As a Dancer and Choreographer, he achieved a Winner position in Gujarat Level Competition.

He was also honored position of Judge in Dance Competitions. Then he started acting as an actor in web series and performed in Gujarati Album also.

His Acting was appreciated by viewers and his Fans preferred him seeing as a Romantic Hero. 

He has expertise in Theatre Performances.

  • “Taru Naam”  Darmesh Goti
  • Bengali “Khokababu” Rinju Paghdar
  • Lead Krup Music
  • Lead  Deekxx Film Production
  • Tiktok Star

He worked as a Choreographer in APS International School/Shree Narayani International School. The Children and faculty were very happy with his expertise and honored him with great respect. He earned his name and fame at the early stages of Life. 

He was a choreographer of “Dipesh Ladhani” Dance India Dance season 4 ( studio Round). And the performance was well appreciated by the judges and spectators. 

He was a Choreographer of “ Singer Pritam Da live concert” in Ahmedabad. The Concert was liked and the performance was mentioned as the Best dance moves in news highlights.

Shrikrish is a hardworking Choreographer and a great guider. Even he works with individual dancers or large groups. He provides encouragement and guidance to the dancers. 

His Special Skills in Dance are Bollywood, Stunts, Bollyhop, Hip-Hop, Locking-Popping, Lyrical Hip-Hop, Salsa. The moves he used to do and create have no words of description. The styles he used to do while performing have an amazing grace on his physic that made the audience spellbound.

He also made some special skills in Modelling. He did acting, Choreography, dancing, dialogue, and Scripting writing. His acting has made his fan lists increased. People want to see him more in Romantic Acting rather than other titles.

He also has interests in Sports: He plays well in Football, Volleyball, and Kabbadi. He likes swimming and swims well. He thinks making Sports a part of lifestyle helps in the development of both physically and mentally strong in person’s life. He is an animal lover and loves Horse-riding. He also loves to ride bikes. Car Drive keeps his mind and soul happy.

He is also associated with many Fashion brands for his Acting and Physical appearance.

His Lastest Achievements:

  • His Instagram account has 10.9 million followers.
  • His Tiktok account has 145K fans.
  • He runs a self-titled youtube channel where he keeps on updating and uploading his dances and achievements with 1000+ subscribers.


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