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All That Shines IS Gold



Look who is back in the world of chic accessories, it is none other than gold. I’m pretty sure that all of you must be thinking that gold has never been out of business, that’s true, but how often did you club your Zara blazer with a gold necklace and looked stunning? Not so much, right? Well, that’s how we flaunt gold now-a-days.

I’m not asking you to go buy real gold lovelies; you will get these funky yet stunning gold jewelry at any fashion store or any cool market. Safe to say that gold is no more a super expensive ornament reserved for occasions like weddings . You really don’t need to go nuts searching for your perfect piece as I’m being generous enough to show you the hottest collection and it will surely save your time. It is very important for you to pick a classy piece and accurately team it up with your outfit. We must dress to kill and not to be killed, right?

Whichever magazine I read or award function I see, all I can notice is how well people flaunt different versions of gold jewelry. Here I’m not talking about gem studded heavy queen size jewelry but explicit gold jewelry. Whether you invest in rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings, worn alone or paired, all that shine would definitely make you stand out.

   Golden-Globes-2014-Accessor-550x550         Latest-Luxury-Diamond-Gold-Jewelry-Accessories-2013-2014-For-Women-6  elle-03-ben-amun-gold-slider-necklace-lgn-lgn

Gold has its competitors too, like pearls or silver jewelry but it works wonders if it is all paired up. While strolling in local Delhi markets I came across such stunning funky gold accessories teamed up with pearls both white and colored. They customize it or sell it ready made, at a very cheap price! What looks cool today is over sized chains, studs, hooks and a hint of abstract designs. Commonly seen are geometrical shapes, bold chains, writings, tribal designs and animal/bird impressions ( elephants, owl, etc).

A very cool accessory is an ear cuff as they don’t require you to pierce your ears and they look extremely stylish. But, it is to be worn in only one ear. As for the rings, I would suggest you to look for something bold in gold or metallic palette but avoid stones this season.

In the recent Fall/Winter 2013-14 runway show, some amazing offbeat crowns, insect brooches, layered chains, charm bracelets, pearls etc. were showcased. Certain creations managed to take away all the attention from the attires and totally blew our mind. Have a look at my favorites and note them down in your “must have” list!!

top-10-must-have-accessories-for-fall-winter-2013-2014-3                                    hbz-accessories-jewelry-trends-promo1-xln








rings                     braceletes









necklaces hbz-ss14-accessories-trends-golden-rule-011-Valentino-59134321-lg









hf0bvd-l-610x610-jewels-2014-rings-ring-gold-rings-rings-gold-gold-jewelry-fashion-swag-accessories-fashion-accessories-fashion-accessory-valentines-day Latest-Luxury-Diamond-Gold-Jewelry-Accessories-2013-2014-For-Women




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