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Here Are Some Cool Shayaris For Our Silly First World Issues…Irshaad


By Richa Sharma

Richa, a blogger and an eminent Urdu, Hindi and English poet, wrote her first poem during her 9th grade. Unlike the mainstream, she wasn’t inspired to write but was forced to write the poem to her teacher. But, what seemed to have been forceful has brought out several meaningful and thoughtful poems from her.

*wakes up*

Someday, things like this will be written about me, I guess. :P *continues to dream*

So, there are several things that, quite agreeably,  we can’t wade through the day without. Here’s my take on them through poetry (shayaris):

Body Essentials:

Superman jaiso ki shaan hu main, Sunny Leone jaiso ki main sauth

Chaddi ko agar girana chahe toh teri izzat ki ho jaegi maut.”

Pre-Breakfast Shayari:

“Kal kare so aaj kar aaj kare so ab,

Ab karta hi rahega toh dhoega kab?”

Breakfast Time:

“Bhooke pet ki awaaz thi ya dil ka dard, ye samajh mein na aaya.

Phisalta gaya moh aur anmol-e-chocolate ko humsafar banaya.


“Mehak se tera pata chalta hai agar na bhi aae koi awaaz,

Dakaar jo apna raasta bhool jae kehlae phir wo paad.”

Panic Attacks as is Battery is About To Die:

“Phone ne insaano ko apna gulaam toh banaya,

Lekin charger bina uska apna koi wajood nahi.”

Maintstream College Ideas:

“Class mein lectures khatam hone ke intezaar mein ghadi dekhti rahi,

Samay bhi aalsi hai pata chala jab laga maano ghadi ki sui hili hi nahi.”

They Aspire to be Creeps:

“Laptop par baithe toh papa ki dhamki milti hai,

Unhe kya maloom nahi ab ladki Facebook par milti hai.”

Internet Ki Moh Maya:

“Gaur farmane ki baat hai, Torrent se ek baar jab download ho jae,

Murkh hai woh jo Netflix par keemti internet khona chahe.”


“Tapak gae aasu jab pucha kisi ne kaisi hai zindagi,

WhatsApp ka kya kabza hua sapno mein bhi blue ticks ki fiqr lagi rahi.”

Thank you ED for providing me with this platform to bring out my talent. I feel honoured and it has been a pleasure working with you. I want to thank my parents for letting me speak anything I want to and my brother gets a bigger thanks for all the fart talks. My friends and readers who have been shameless enough to encourage me for writing such things, without you this wouldn’t have happened. Thank you, everybody.

*Who needs an Oscar to deliver a speech? I have done it by just winning some smiles.*

Every shayar is somehow or the other inspired by the man who became shayari‘s pioneer: Ustaad Mirza Ghalib. See a small tribute to his beautiful art here.

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