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Shanghai Normal University Establishes Digital Humanities Research Center to Promote Chinese DH Research and Education


On November 23, 2020, the International Summit Forum on Digital Humanities and the Opening Ceremony of Digital Humanities Research Center of Shanghai Normal University (SHNUDH) was held in Xuhui campus of Shanghai Normal University. Dozens of experts and scholars from Harvard, UCL, Academia Sinica, PKU and other well-known universities, research and cultural institutions were invited to attend the meeting.

After a brief and warm opening ceremony, the scholars conducted in-depth exchanges on giving full play to the advantages of Humanities in the digital age, responding to the major concerns of the times and society, and enabling the humanities and social sciences to combine the latest progress in the frontier fields of digital technology, methods and artificial intelligence, and realizing the deep integration and collaborative innovation of science and technology and humanities and social sciences. Scholars also discussed on their research theories and methods, history and current situation, development direction of DH and development mode of DH projects.

Chen Heng, vice president of Shanghai Normal University, pointed out in his speech that the university has a strong accumulation in DH Research. After the establishment of the Digital Humanities Research Center, it will continue to promote the construction of multi-cultural and historical thematic databases, to conduct the “SHNUDH Platform” and DH-Lab, to develop DH research tools, to support publications of relevant research, to advance global academic exchanges and cooperation, and to build a DH teaching system.

Prof. Zha Qinghua, director of SHNUDH, said that DH is a frontier field in the international academia, and is also a burgeoning interdiscipline. It aims to introduce the humanities academic research with digital and technical methods, and to promote its academic innovation. SHNU has always been an important place in the study of humanities in China. The establishment of the center will surely promote the advantages of Chinese Humanities and make it an important and dynamic field at home and abroad.

Author: Zhao Wenwen

Contact: Wang He, vice director of SHNUDH, associate professor of Chinese Literature at SHNU.


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