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SexED: Pornhub Will Now Provide Free Sex Education, Unlike The Indian Education System


On Tuesday, the adult entertainment website Pornhub launched a subsite called Pornhub Sexual Health Centre, aiming to provide free sex education to their users.

This service will not only cover the birds and bees – basic anatomy, sexually transmitted diseases, and basic reproductive health – but also provide credible tips to improve one’s sex life. Pornhub has brought in a team of doctors, therapists and experts led by renowned sex therapist Dr Laurey Betito to direct the site.




“As the premiere destination for adult entertainment, catering to nearly 70 million daily visitors, we wanted to provide our fans with a trusted educational platform they can utilise as their go-to resource for information and advice when it comes to sex,” said Corey Price, Vice President of Pornhub in a press release.

This could be amazing for curious teens and adults alike who are looking for expert health advice, especially in a country like ours where sex education is a joke.

Most families do not believe they need to teach their kids anything about sex; they rely on the schools to teach their kids the basics.


Sex education mean girls


The knowledge (if you can call it that) imparted to children in schools is nothing more than introductory biology explained in cold clinical terms. Where there should be discussion about physiological and psychological effects of sex, there is only a massive cesspool of awkward page-shuffling and skimming through chapters about reproduction like it’s some sort of dark secret.

In fact, the status of sex education in our country is so pathetic that last year our Human Resources Development ministry asked an expert panel making recommendations for new education policy to remove the words “sex” and “sexual” from a government framing policy on sex education for school students. I kid you not.


SexEd in India


In such a situation, people who wish to educate themselves are left with two options: peers, or the internet. Peers, of course, can be highly unreliable sources, and so people turn to the internet.

The internet is vast and full of trolls. There is no fool-proof way to figure out the credibility of a source, and it’s hard to get information from a platform that is healthily sex-positive. Having said that, there is one part of the internet that lots of people rely on to get their basic sex ed: pornography.

As insane as it sounds, most children learn about the reproductive organs, sex and sexuality from porn. But, porn isn’t a particularly great way to get educated, given that it’s riddled with unrealistic – often, sexist – depictions of sex.

This is where Pornhub comes to the rescue. Like a messiah descending upon a society that has lost its way, Pornhub has taken it upon itself to educate young minds. And they’ll do it for free!

The website runners hope that Pornhub Sexual Health Centre will become a go-to for their more-than-70 million daily users, for seeking information about STIs, sexual safety, the latest in sex tech, and even advice on how to approach a friends-with-benefits arrangement. There will also be explanations about what happens at group parties and options for homosexual relationships.

Dr Laurie Betito described this as her dream. “Heading the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center is an opportunity to reach a global audience and provide a source for healthy sexual education and dialogue. I’m very excited for the amazing work I have partnered to accomplish,” she said.

Maybe our very own Dr Harsh Vardhan, the Union health minister (and, might I emphasise, a doctor) who suggested banning sex education and making yoga compulsory instead, could take a leaf or two out of Dr Betito’s book.


BJP so sanskaari


So, kids, what did we learn today?

Your government might fail you, but porn sites shall be your friends forever!

But let’s not count our chickens too soon, yeah? It’s a commendable initiative, but there’s no end to the number of ways this could go wrong. The fact that their Sexual Wellness Centre will provide credible information might result in teenagers taking everything on the main Pornhub website to heart.

This could be extremely detrimental for impressionable teenagers, considering the questionable consent and unrealistic body expectations portrayed on the website. So, hopefully, Pornhub will make clear to its viewers the distinction between expert advice and adult entertainment.

Meanwhile, we at ED will continue to be of service, providing a convenient, easily accessible archive of SexED articles to add to your knowledge.

Kanika Kalra
Kanika Kalra
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