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Seven Must Listen Financial Podcasts In 2021



While the holidays are on everybody’s minds right now, the new year is also just around the corner. Certainly, almost everyone is ready to shake off the dreadful time that was 2020 and hopefully look ahead to brighter futures in 2021.

Many aim for resolutions in the new year with one of the most popular being better financial habits. One of the best ways to see greener pastures in the new year is to have more green in your pocket. Whether it be saving more, spending less or a healthy mix of both we could all use some financial help and a great way to do that is to seek out advice from those in the know. 

While there are a multitude of books and self-help books out there in regards to finances, one of the most popular mediums to achieve better financial understanding is podcasts. While there are a ton of options out there, we took the time to offer seven of the most popular financial planning podcasts in America! These will surely help you meet one of the most beneficial resolutions in 2021. 

Stacking Benjamins

A thrice-weekly show, Stacking Benjamins is a fresh listen on topics that regular, everyday people face. How to invest? How to pay down debt? How best to find ways to save? Hosts Joe Saul-Sehy and Bobbi Rebell break these things down, often featuring special guests from a wide array of backgrounds including finance and pop culture.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Hosted by the podcast’s namesake, the Dave Ramsey Show is one of the most popular downloads in all of radio, not limited to just financial advice. Broadcast from Franklin, Tennessee on a weekly basis, Ramsey is known for his Christian philosophies regarding finances and his many, many success stories of helping listeners get out of debt. With a simple approach and a caller-driven format, Ramsey’s podcast is an easy listen with very valuable advice regardless of what stage or circumstance someone is in.

What Dewey Do?

A podcast from Great Lakes Wealth out of Michigan, this financial planning and wealth management series is a play on the name of co-host Dewey Steffen. Steffen serves as the CEO and Chief Investment Officer at Great Lakes Wealth and is joined twice a month on Wednesdays by local Detroit media personality Kyle Bogey. The duo tackle any and all financial topics including what investors should NOT be doing, how much to put away for retirement and most importantly, when to start. The podcast focuses on making informed decisions by properly educating listeners while having fun. 

So Money

Hosted by Farnoosh Torabi, this podcast is an interview-style listen featuring some of the world’s top minds in business and finance. Recent guests include Arianna Huffington, Jim Cramer, Margaret Cho and Tim Ferriss. Torabi also carves out a chunk of time on Friday to answer any and all listener questions tackling issues like 401(k) help and how to save for college.

The Fairer Cents Podcast

Hosted by Tanja Hester and Kara Perez, this podcast is focused on empowerment. The podcast breaks the norm a bit by conveying the unfortunate reality that economic opportunity is not doled out on an equal basis. While there is plenty of advice out there for women and others in marginalized groups, people in those circumstances can do everything right and still face many, many challenges when it comes to finances. Hester and Perez tackle issues that disproportionately affect these groups and the current money culture. 

Retirement Starts Today

This podcast focuses on how to properly prepare for the second half of your life. Host Benjamin Brandt looks at the ins and outs of retiring and how to be prepare for when your 65th birthday arrives. Topics include 401(k) tips, social security help, properly setting up a will, tax write-offs and achieving happiness with whatever money you spend and save. 

The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman

An extremely popular weekly podcast, Ric Edelman is a financial planner who discusses everything related to money; from mutual funds to mentally preparing for retirement. Widely regarded as a top CFP for the last three decades, Edelman provides comprehensive advice to both fellow planners and those simply seeking advice on how to properly divvy up their next paycheck.

So, if knowledge is power, get to listening! Hopefully by downloading a few episodes of these must-listen financial podcasts, you can set yourself for a successful and profitable 2021.

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