As a child, I always waited for Holi festivities to begin. But growing up made me realize the harsh realities of the festival.

I remember an incident from last year. Some of my friends and I were walking to a nearby metro station after attending a college fest when two guys on scooty threw water balloons at us and sped away.

The interesting part is that Holi was almost 10-15 days away when this incident happened. We were completely drenched in red-pink gooey liquid and had no other option than going home that way.

This has casually become a part of the festival now. Girls/women being stalked/molested/eve-teased/harassed under the garb of “bura na mano, Holi hai” is casual now.

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The brand new addition to casually eve-teasing/molesting/groping/stalking girls or women on Holi though, is the semen filled balloon. Yes, you read it right. SEMEN FILLED BALLOONS.

A post has been doing rounds on social media wherein a girl has written about how she was attacked with semen filled balloons by random guys in Amar Colony, Delhi.


When she took the incident to Instagram, she learned how she isn’t the only one who has suffered this fate. It seems to be a thing in Delhi this year.

Apparently, the privilege of being a guy wasn’t enough. The vile and hooligan behaviour in the name of Holi wasn’t enough. Stalking/Groping wasn’t enough that the men in Delhi have now stooped down to semen filled balloons.

This incident is not just disgusting but completely sick! It has sent a wave of horror amongst students and people with a working day on Thursday. Many have decided to miss classes/work on Thursday in order to stay safe.

The girl who posted about the incident happens to be a student from LSR. Since the post got viral, LSR Women’s Development Cell called emergency meeting to increase security in and around campus. LSR Student Union also took it to Facebook in order to list the steps that have been taken for security of students.

Delhi University has also updated emergency contacts on the official website. The authorities have appealed to students to not play Holi in and around campus in the light of the recent incident. Warnings have been issued that strict action would be taken if the students are found doing the same.

Twitter and other social media platforms are abuzz with women narrating their own stories of harassment in the name of Holi with the hashtag #mywhitekurta! The internet is full of innumerable such incidents and all of them are a complete horror story!

On that note, “HAPPY HOLI”!

Picture Credits: Google Images

Sources: Hindustan Times, Youth Ki Awaaz

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