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Urban dictionary defines a “selfie” as “pictures taken of oneself while holding the camera at an arm’s length, also known as being camera raped, where one person takes many pictures of himself/herself on another’s camera”. And then they very kindly provide an example too which says: dude, margaret raped my camera last night she took so many selfies!

So, reality TV star Kim Kardashian is the undisputable “Queen of Selfies”, (yes, that is a term and no, I did not invent it) and this is how you do it-

  1. Get any mobile with a camera, or even an actual camera would be a welcome change.
  2. Turn the flash off. Yes a white spot right on your neck would look horrendous.
  3. Go find a mirror. And mind you, don’t try the lets-sit-crosslegged-on-the-commode style. It’s been done a million times and it makes “selfers” look like shit. Please Don’t.
  4. So flaunt your pout, your ample bosom, the Justin Beiber sleepy look or your freshly “axed” hair gel, or do all four. The best thing about selfies and technologies is that it lets you experiment, it brings out the creativity in you and before you know it you are wondering whether to BW it or Saturate it, crop the toilet accessories out or let them see the Body Shop thingy peeking at the corner. Flaunt your girlfriend or flaunt your drink? Yes, life is not a bed of roses after all.
  5. So after clicking all possible selfies, and editing them, maybe you would not be able to decide whether to put this one or that one. I have a tip- put one on Facebook, Instagram one, tweet one and reserve one each for BBM and whatsapp. So there you go- five brand new selfies, all in almost the same poses, how very exciting!!
  6. Lastly add the hash tag #selfie, and voila! There you go, Miss/Mister trendsetter of the year!

Up for trivia? The word “Selfie” was first used on Intagram in 2011, and has been named Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year 2013. It was lately in news because of- wait for it- BARRACK OBAMA. Umm, he was captured doing a selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning Schmidt during the memorial service of Nelson Mandela (see the picture above). Well well, you can close your mouth now.

If you tend to shrug this off as self(ie) centred :P you can follow another one, except that it’s called “unselfie”. So it goes something like this- take a blank paper, write how you are helping in making the world a sweeter place, donations, volunteering and that sort of stuff? Hold it out in front of your face or maybe you can let that dimples show- doesn’t matter as long as i can read what good you are upto, click and Bravo! An unselfie it is!

Wanna check out the best and worst selfies of the year? http://selfiesatfunerals.tumblr.com/

Oh and a DISCLAIMER: DO NOT PUT SELFIES OF YOU WITH STOLEN GUNS OR DRUGS, you might go to jail. http://www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/man-arrested-due-to-instagram-selfies/

Poor man.

Oh! Cool background! I’ll just catch up with you in a bit, need a quick selfie :D

A History Hons. student at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, I live to travel. And travel.



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