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Search, Share & Flaunt Your Love For Books With The Relishing ‘Goodreads’ App: We LivED It


Liv’ED It is an ED original style where we write about our personal experiences on experiencing and reviewing any app/place/website which gives us a feeling of coming back for more.

The Goodreads app has been around for quite some-time now. But it is yet to become a common name amongst the masses. Even the dedicated bibliophiles have shown seldom interest in using the app for their book search needs.

So without ado, I decided to examine this forbidden app on my own. Here’s how the app worked out for me.

Getting Started:


The app is considerably small in size with contents weighing only around 40 MB. So download the app from the App Store (or Playstore, if you’re an Android user) and sign up if you’re not an existing member of Goodreads.


Then, the next step is to connect with your friends who are already on Goodreads. If you signed up using Facebook, you’d be prompted to add your friends onto Goodreads to know what books they have read and reviewed.


The next step after connecting with friends is to pick genre you wish to get recommendations of.


The following page with land you to a section called ‘Rate Books’. Based on the rating that you give to the books you have read, Goodreads will provide five more similar recommendations. That wraps up the selection and recommendation process.


You could also go the ‘More’ tab on the bottom right of the app’s interface and explore trending books, join groups based on similar tastes and engage in reading challenges as well as literary events happening nearby you.


Unfortunately, there was issue with the ‘Events’ section. I guess they haven’t incorporated Indian postal codes into the app which is why they weren’t able to show any events nearby me.


Searching books is also another aspect of Goodreads. You could directly search with the name of the book or with the ISBN code, it’s up to you.

Final Verdict:

The thing about Goodreads that most people forget is that it is a review and recommendation website. It does support previews of some books but its prime focus is to enable its users to show off their collection and actually build a virtual library online. Flaunt you choices, express your views and connect with people of similar kinds. That’s the whole thing about Goodreads. And yes, it is certainly a great app for people who are often seen boasting their “enormous” or “fancy” book collection. Much like all the popular things aimed at the millennials, Goodreads is just another one of them. Overall I’d rate the app as follows:


Concept 2.5
User Interface 3.0
Features 3.0


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