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List Of Reasons On What We Miss From Our School Life, That Is Nothing Compared To College


Remember those days when your mum would wake you up early in the morning to get ready for school? Those long relentless mornings of scrambling around for the second sock and gobbling up breakfast. Of course you do!


Two years in college, and I still want to go back and live that careless life again.

Who doesn’t?

The list of reasons why we miss school days are:

  1. No Dress Issues: College brings with it a whole new wardrobe problem. It’s no longer as simple as putting on the same old boring historic school uniform. You have to sit and plan – it’s like walking into a battle and you have to choose your armour very carefully. Who ever thought that choosing clothes to wear could be so tiring?


  1. Bunking Class was a Heroic Task: College is like this whole new realm of peace. There is no pressure to study or attend classes, half the teachers don’t attend classes. School – complete opposite. You were the ‘stud’ if you bunked a class and got away with it. The gush of adrenaline, butterflies in the stomach and the spy behaviour is something we’re never going to be able to relish again.


  1. The Everyday Picnic: Recess used to be this big ceremony! Stealing friends’ lunch boxes, grabbing food, spilling it all around, the ‘Big Food Fight’ and then going to the principal’s office all looking like crap. College lunch breaks are so boring compared to the rad stuff that used to go on in school.


  1. Oh The Homework: Remember the frantic sharing of notes before the teacher got in, the scribbling, trying to get something on paper to show your teacher, calling the class topper and begging him for his homework? Those were the times man! And then you end up kinda missing it in college..


  1. The ‘Free Periods’: That moment when you as the class representative ran in with the good news, “The teacher is not going to come” “Yay!!!” “Oh and the substitute teacher is not available”. That’s when the class erupted in cheer! Getting two free periods in a go would be like an everyday fantasy. In college its like “Oh you want a free period? Just bunk :P”


  1. The Annual Function Time: Everybody would be dressed up in bright colourful costumes, with makeup on and getting ready to go on stage and perform in front of everyone’s parents. Some would be in plays, some in music, some in dance and others giving speeches, getting prizes. Missing classes for practices and then making up without attendance issues was like the best thing ever!


School days are easily the best days of life and school friends are the best ever!

You’ll always want to relive those days,

The days when life used to be simple,

The days when life used to be happier!

Still a ‘Yes’ to school life from my side. What about you?

Write to us in comments below what you miss about your school days.



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