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Saudi Women Say ‘May Men Go Extinct’: Can’t Wait For Butt-Hurt Men To Start Another Hashtag Against Feminism


If you all don’t already know, then you might want to know that this Saudi Arabian band Majed al-Esa, song called Hwages, loosely translated to mean ‘concerns’ is one of the most talked about video right now.

It has gone viral and amassed more than 2 million views on YouTube and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. But as much as I enjoyed the song, even though I could not understand a word of it, and the bright cinematography pulls you in, I believe the main thing to consider here should be of the message behind the song.

One of the lines in the song, roughly translates to “May men go extinct, they cause us to have mental illnesses.”


If you thought you had seen the end of #NotAllMen and their little hurt pride, well this surely will raise it again and cause them to lash out in outrage over how ‘feminists’ and all can speak about such a cruel thing.

Hwages is an upbeat song with a very real and upsetting reality behind

But Really… Why Should Men Go Extinct?

I believe that the main thing here is to keep in context of where these women are from and what all the female population of those places has to suffer.

Being not able to drive, have the basic freedoms that we in India and other countries take for granted, having to always cover themselves and more such restrictions are constantly placed on them.

Then pray do tell, why wouldn’t the women of these places want men to go extinct, to just disappear, never to return.

Oh… India Is Not Far Behind In Showing Their Women Their Place

While Saudi Arabia was experiencing this, India too was not far behind with the mass molestation that Bengaluru witnessed on the New Year’s Eve.

I mean… what a way to welcome the new year, right?

In response to that, Akshay Kumar has posted heartfelt and aggressive video, talking about his thoughts on not just the event, but also the people who seem to be justifying the acts and busy with victim blaming, instead of actually doing something for the betterment of the society.

One thing I like about Kumar’s video was that at the end, he encouraged girls to learn self defence like martial arts and more, in order to ensure their safety and teach the harasser a lesson.

Are Feminism and Such Important Topics, Just Reserved For When Things Go Viral Or Escalate So Much?

However, these incidents have brought forth some very scary epiphanies to me that in today’s time, the only time we actually get up and notice the reality of our situation, is when something goes viral, or the incident happens on a mass level scale.

Every major and even minor website, blog, newspaper and publication will be talking that thing and how it ‘oh so superbly sheds light on X or Y or Z thing, that is wrong with the society’.

And the sad thing seems to be that even the usual tropes of celebrity awareness, appeals and condemnation are no longer working.

The most scary thought to me right now is that, people are slowly losing any bit of care that they had and are now hurtling straight towards a mentality of ‘f*** it all’ and just doing what one wants.

Not your favourite stars, not law, not even public humiliation is strong enough to stop some part of our society, from committing the very acts that we as the Human species is trying to raise above.

Signing off I would like to say that, it almost seems like we as a society are losing sight of what really is important.

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