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Sasikala Convicted, Palanisamy Takes Her Place: Tamil Nadu Politics Turns Over Its Head!


By Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

V.K. Sasikala stands disqualified!

After being convicted for misappropriate acquisition of assets worth Rs. 66.65 crores, Sasikala kicked out of the race to become the Chief Minister. She won’t be able to contest elections for the next 10 years! Ouch!

Well the timing of this verdict is definitely commendable. Only someone living in complete ignorance will not doubt the nexus between the Judiciary and politics after this.

With the elimination of Sasikala, it seemed (although for a moment) that O. Panneerselvam will make his way to the seat of Chief Minister. But a new name has come forward , followed by the eviction of O.Panneerselvam from AIADMK. The new legislative head of AIADMK head is Edappadi Palaniswamy!

Well, that escalated quickly!


E. Palaniswamy submitted a list of MLAs supporting his candidature to the Governor this evening. He claims the support of 135 MLAs. 

Who Is E. Palanisamy?


Palanisamy was the highways minister and a Sasikala loyalist. He has not been a prominent name until now. He might change the Tamil Nadu politics forever or enjoy his momentary fame as an interim Chief Minister before Sasikala makes a comeback, who knows?

History can repeat itself, you know. Amma was convicted in a similar case and she came back with a bang, acquiring a stature even bigger than before!

What actually the case was?

Jayalalithaa was held accused of possessing disproportionate asset upto 66.65 crores from 1991 and 1996. In the hearings, Sasikala was also held liable being a member of conspiracy. In September 2014, Jayalalitha and Sasikala along with two other relatives of Jayalalithaa were held liable with 4 years of imprisonment along with fine of Rs. 100 crores.

However, in May 2015, Karnataka High court acquitted them from the case and held them bona fide. Soon, the DMK and BJP stalwarts started raising questions on the court’s verdict due to which re-investigation was done. Later, the court reversed its verdict and the former were found guilty.

Could Sasikala Have Been The Next ‘Amma’?

'Chinamma' Sasikala
‘Chinamma’ Sasikala

After the sudden demise of Jayalalithaa, Tamil Nadu was startled in gloom.

Two voices cornered their opinions on being the leader of the state. One being the Chief Minister in charge,  O. Panneerselvam and another being the Videoshop Owner V.K. Sasikala, apparently Amma’s closest aide and confidante. 

The suspect behind Jayalalithaa’s death, Sasikala claimed that she could not let the party get ruined!

YES! Sasikala is suspected to be the person behind the death of Amma. While in the hospital she didn’t let anyone meet Amma. She resisted Deepa Jayakumar coming to meet her while she came over to look after Jaya. Politics is indeed a dirty game. 

Speculations over Amma’s death!

A secrecy prevailed over the condition of Jayalalithaa as to what was the actual reason of her bad health. Was it cardiac arrest? Was it mere lung infection? Was it fever and dehydration(through which she suffered earlier also)? From day one of admission in Apollo hospital, nobody was having any concrete information about Jaya as Sasikala had denied the access.

All this rose questions against Sasikala and brought her in the sphere of doubts and suspicion.

She showered so much of love and affection towards Jayalalithaa that ended up saying that Amma’s magnetic vibes could not make her walk away from her memorial. Ahem!

Retorting with anger and frustration, O. Panneerselvam  called them “crocodile tears”. He made a really smart move by standing in favour of the ones supporting Jallikattu. He meditated at the memorial of Amma at Marina beach and came out with the opinion that Amma wants him to take over the position. What? You don’t believe it? Amma’s spirit informed him, okay?

O. Panneerselvam further adds that he was compelled to resign as Chief Minister and propose Sasikala’s name for Chief Minister.

Tamil Nadu had one of the most respected or rather revered politicians in Indian political history and her death has created a historical battle for power behind her too! Well now that Sasikala’s candidature is out of the question (for now at least), it would be interesting to watch how the story unfurls hereon. 

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