While the COVID-19 public health recommendations make going out on a date difficult, online dating is a lifeline for singles who don’t want to be alone.

One of the most exciting things you can do is date someone you like. However, can you imagine dating someone while you’re cooped up in your house? Well, Samphion has made this possible for people who adore and miss their social lives since they are confined to their homes.

Samphion’s founder and CEO, Udit Shah, came up with this intriguing idea to help individuals find like-minded people who have similar health and lifestyle preferences. When the epidemic was at its peak and everything seemed to be stuck in a rut. Udit Shah’s app, Samphion, brought a refreshing change.

In India, Samphion’s first health and lifestyle dating app has piqued people’s interest in something new and fresh. It’s been around for a while. This app appealed to not only those with prior experience with matchmaking platforms, but also to those who were wholly unfamiliar with the concept. What’s the logic?

Well, this is the first time any dating app allows you to connect with fitness and healthy people that care for their lifestyles, so it’s fairly plain and obvious. This app connects people that value health and fitness as a top priority, followed by rest.

Well, this is one of the major reasons why the app has gotten so much attention in such a short time, but what makes it even more interesting and sorted is that it allows them to choose from 16 different health and lifestyle categories.

For example, Dance, swimming, singing, fashion, Zumba, meditation, 5 a.m. groups, and a variety of other activities allow you to express yourself while keeping your health and lifestyle profile in check. A user can express his or her interest in a variety of areas, such as yoga, meditation, and music, by uploading pictures and describing their likes.

The different tags Samphion users receive, such as the samphionister tag as well as the function where one person sends out a like and another sends out a super-like and they get a match called a samphie which lets them to interact with one another, have all contributed to the popularity of this application.

Most notably, one of the key factors in the Samphion app is the Privacy Policy for its users, which restricts anybody from collecting screenshots, encourages people to adhere to security standards, and allows users to check who is signed in using their phone numbers.

There is no denying that the pandemic have had a significant impact on human social life. Many of us couldn’t go out and meet people or exchange friendliness because of the ongoing lockdown, but fortunately, the launch of Samphion gave people fresh hope, where we can connect with new and like-minded individuals from the comfort and security of our own homes.

This application is the ideal match for anyone looking for a life partner who is passionate about health and fitness. And if you haven’t already downloaded the app, go ahead! Now is the time to try your luck. You never know, perhaps your companion is out there, on Samphion.

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