The Chandigarh boy is a growing business owner and the CEO and Founder of Digilus Technologies LLC.

A closer look around us will let us know how things have changed across the world, of course for the better. These changes and developments can be attributed to a number of factors, one includes technological advent, and the other is the relentless drive and pure skills of young professionals, creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs across industries across the world. These individuals emerge as true-blue experts and examples to the world who imbue more hope, positivity, and motivation in other budding talents, vying to make their mark in their chosen niches in their respective sectors. Saahil Kumar Chathrath is one young man of power, courage, and knowledge who exudes every quality of becoming a well-renowned name in the entrepreneurial world in the coming years.

Saahil Kumar Chathrath serves as a proud Founder and CEO of Digilus Technologies LLC, his one-of-a-kind Software Developer Company, which has helped him become a recognized name in the business space. What has earned him more recognition is his work and business in Stock and Forex trading as well. The Chandigarh boy born on 2nd May 1997 has a degree in BSc IT from Chandigarh University and now has become the youngest millionaire. How you wonder? Because he has thrived off of his years of passion for doing business and his strong quest to consistently innovate and offer uniqueness through his businesses, which have led him to his path to success.

He owns 10 million-dollar worth Digilus Technologies LLC in the US, serving as a great example in India as a youngster achieving massively in such a short span of time. As of 2022, his current net worth is more than 15 million USD. So far, Saahil Kumar Chathrath has made millions in USD through his astuteness in stock and forex trading, which has allowed him to create a luxurious lifestyle. His growth in the business world and the massive momentum he has made with his software developer company have proved his tenacity and resourcefulness as a young business owner.

He says that he could create enormous success in these fields, be it in the tech and the stock and forex trading world, because of the many opportunities he optimized on his path and the many opportunities he created for himself as a self-made business personality. Saahil Kumar Chathrath is now eyeing on making bigger numbers in revenue as well as earning massive clients to up his game in entrepreneurship.

He now aims to turn into a billionaire. Till then, follow him on Instagram @millionairesaahil.


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