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“Roll-On and Roll-off” Service Promises To Curb Delhi’s Pollution Massively, But The Media Won’t Tell You!


By Pankaj Rawat

Opinion makers and leaders in India have been very busy lately, as always making senseless and illogical comment on who is national and anti-national? The media specially has invited tarot card readers in their plush studios to have a meaningful conversation on who is going to win the elections?

For once, leave the noise behind and discuss environmental issues that require immediate attention. The media has no time to spare for such issues because that won’t give them the much required TRPs.

Well to discuss it, our opinion leaders lack spine since it doesn’t fit in their PR agenda or maybe there is a huge scarcity of violent environmentalists who would have the tenacity to say things at the top of their voice.

Under Reporting of Railway’s environmental Initiative

1) Indian railway recently has come up with a very good green initiative, which went highly unreported in TV media. The service is known as “Roll-On and Roll-off” which will lift the trucks generally stuck at Delhi and NCR’s borders to enter into UP and Haryana.

2) This initiative will not only help Delhi to cut a chunk of pollution’s burden on it but will also ensure a sharp rise in railway’s revenue collection.

3) It is a prime example of Green transportation but a bad example of news value.

4) Print Media has shown some courtesy to dedicate a page for it but Electronic was too fast to get a sense of it.

5) As per an estimate 60,000 trucks enter Delhi from 128 entry/exit points among them 15,000 are not destined to Delhi and CSE’s study says that these vehicles give close to 30% of the particulate load in the city.

IMD’s prediction of Summer to be more hotter was outweighed by Gurmehar’s Comments

It was a hard time for us in back 2014 and 2015 when we were daunted by two successive droughts and our entire agricultural fraternity collapsed to it, farmers resorted to suicide to get deaf govt. to look onto their matters.

But this time when IMD released its weather outlook for March-to-May period citing the summer to be hotter than the normal, no warrior came in front. Does this mean that even government has not paid heed to it and it is again ready to face the wrath of it and let alone use farmers community as its prospective vote bank?

Threat of El Nino alias Drought’s threat in India; did anyone report it?

European Center for Medium range weather has forecasted the El Nino’s entry in the second half of 2017.

No one questioned it, discussed it and had helped the public to understand it.

Poor public, we have become mere receivers of crap information since main content has been too skeptical of us.

Reopening of NTPC’s Badarpur coal power plant

Widely underreported, this plant was a centre of attraction in last diwali when it was shut for its wide mouth.

When recently, SC appointed Environment pollution and prevention control authority has announced to reopen it by March 15, I saw no signs of discussions. A complete lull was there as if environment is too bore to cover.

When such events go underreported it sabotages the legacy of environmental measures being taken to  ensure the clean surroundings in the nation, it sabotages the entire odd even efforts, it also sabotages the initiative of Swacch Bharat Abhiyan as these all become a mere photo-op thing.

Quite saddening na… yeah of course who is responsible for this ordeal, our beloved opinion leaders.

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