Finally… it has happened. Elon Musk has after a rollercoaster ride (for us at least) acquired Twitter.

On April 25th, 2022 news broke out that Twitter and Elon Musk world’s richest businessman have agreed to an agreement wherein the latter will be buying out all the stakeholders, taking control as owner and make the company private.

As per reports, it is expected that the deal will be closed around the end of this year, but even just this news is enough to break the brains of many people. The media is currently in a frenzy right now, trying to figure out what this would mean for Twitter as a company, the public stakeholders, how the platform will be changed, what changes will be brought in, and how the management team will be changed and more.

On the other hand, users on Twitter themselves are losing their minds after learning of this acquisition, with instantly hashtags like #LeavingTwitter and #DeleteTwitter starting to trend and still trending till now.

Musk has always been a very controversial person on the platform, with his dank memes and posts that somehow manage to piss off everyone. His earlier reveal of having over 9% of stake in the company was enough to leave a lot of people shocked since this essentially made him one of the largest individual shareholder of Twitter.

Obviously, chatter had started since then that Musk might be looking to gain a more controlling role in the platform and his eventual takeover of Twitter is not really a surprise to many.

In the midst of all this, the hashtags trending have definitely given some hilarious roasts and memes around those posting about how they will delete their Twitter or leave the app just because Musk is buying over the platform.


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Personally, does it really matter who owns Twitter at this point? Our data and information is already out there, and either Musk owns Twitter right now, or he sells it again in a couple of years, making it public and earning back the millions and billions he used to buy it in the first place.

For the common people who owns Twitter matters little, it will still be a festering pit of nonsense, hate speech, bullying and harassment, regardless of the owner. Our only source of entertainment are the memes that such topics bring up, giving us a laugh and letting us move on.

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