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Rio Leyva Discusses How His Inspirations Took Him To the Next Level 


Being an eighteen year old from Portland, Oregon there is so much hype around the music industry.  Rio Leyva is inspired to become one of the best producers in the country. With all of the work he has already completed and the work that he continues to put in, he will definitely make it to the top. Rio Leyva is motivated by his parents as he gives them all the credit to inspire him to go out and be what he wants and pursue it with a passion. Having a good support system at home allows for Rio to pursue his dreams and have the support from his parents. 

As a young kid his parents always told him to follow his dreams and to be realistic with the goals he would set for himself. Becoming a producer was not easy at the start as there were many ups and downs when it came to getting started. With all of his hardwork and dedication Rio was able to continue his craft and ensure that he would make it out on top.  Having already been featured on Kid Laroi album which eventually went on to go gold, he says he definitely has more in the works for where this came from. 

Watch out for Rio Leyva as he continues to work his way up to the top of the producing world. 

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