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Running so fast in our lives, waiting to breathe seems expensive! We are so busy in running past others in this maddening race to nowhere, we often leave ourselves behind, lost in a crowd that scarcely notices our anguish. Why is everyone running? Definitely not for weightloss!

We run to escape Reality.

Run away so that we dont have to face the bitter truth of our existence. Some run away from loneliness, without realising that often we leave behind us, a handful of beautiful people, who would’ve stayed, had we but given them a chance.

Some run away from their past,
So fast, that they forget to live in the present. You often, infact always, need to embrace your pain in order to move on. Forgive, not for them, but for yourself. Forgive, dont forget. For everyone is a sum of their experiences. Learn, but don’t let your experience be an impediment in your journey.

Some run to embrace their future, on which all their hopes lie, little realising that a beautiful and exciting today, no matter how slow, makes a memorable Tomorrow.

So maybe walk today, even crawl, for we must walk before we fly.

Breathe in all that is around you, experience love hate lust anxiety gratitude anger, and every emotion life has to offer. And most importantly,make friends, for they love you when you cant love yourself.
Some run blind; without aim or motive. Its okay to run blind, to find new places, new people. You might get lost, but you often Must get lost in order to find yourself.:) we can afford to do stupid things. We may regret them later, but a greater regret is the one that comes from letting an amazing thing go by!

For Christ’s sake, Stop clicking pictures! Yeah, being famous on Facebook seems lucrative, but enjoying the moment is a no-compromising issue!

Live the life you want to! Live it instead of trying to capture it in a frame!

We live in a bubble, so fragile, and temporary, we never know when we might leave this world to be, maybe (hopefully) in a better place. I believe I’d rather not know when I’ll die (knowing it is like dying a thousand deaths each day), so that every breath seems like a gift from god, another chance to get things right, to breath in our happiness. We all have our troubles, our miseries, and life often deals us a Cruel hand.

But we wont be given anything that we cant handle.

Tendrils of darkness are on the lookout for anyone whose pain they can devour to make themselves stronger, but we have the power to choose light over darkness. Each of us has a bright and Dark side to us. What matters is the side we choose to act on.

Losing is a part and parcel of life. We lose our toys, keys, favourite pen, mom’s borrowed shirt, friends, love. We keep on searching till we can but eventually we stop. We stop not because we can replace it with some other. We stop because it pains us to hold on any longer. Then one day, a crumpled picture of our childhood days reminds us of those toys, those lost memories, which can yet be found in the darkest corners of our lives. Pain demands to be felt but not eternally. Letting go is the only solution.
So stop running! Wait up and look around, search  and reconcile with the child you long left behind in this mad mad world!
And remember,
There is no future. There is only one journey and happiness is the destination.
May fortune guide your travels.



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