Revolutionizing India- Youth empowerment

By Sonali Wadhwa

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“Come one Come all”, “God helps those who help themselves” , “ Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something ” !!!!

These inspirational quotes are not just inked words meant to be read and forgotten but indeed possess a deep profound meaning quoted by some prominent people of the society out of their urge to bring about a change in the world !

Today’s youth is no more heedless and inconsiderate towards the problems of the people around them, rather they are greatly enthusiastic to put forth into action the change they want to make in the system for the welfare of others.

So in this article, I am going to provide an insight into some of the successfully running  youth empowered NGO’s which are making constant efforts to improve the deteriorating conditions of our country and the people at a glance.

1)  Indian Committee of Youth Organizations (ICYO)


Don’t you guys think that this spark in the youth has indeed given birth to too many organizations scattered here and there all over the country ?

What if their individual efforts are combined under one roof ? Which will certainly fasten the pace of development !

So the solution arises of out of this very idea of ICYO !

This umbrella organization works as a networking bridge to connect all the youth empowered organizations, youth clubs and groups. It is a non-profit organization meant for working on the developing areas of mutual cooperation and understanding among all different youth driven organizations, clubs and groups spread across India and South Asia thereby inculcating the combined efforts under one network head.

The greater effect of the involvement of ICYO and its relations with the international, regional and national forums has led to the increasing awareness of the need, capacity and potential of youth NGOs.

As suggested by a UN Report:

“Today’s young people are overall the best educated generation of youth in history. However, for many young people,
the transition to adulthood is slowed down by poverty and their inability to find decent work !! “

Its primary objective is strengthening existing youth agencies and promoting development of upcoming agencies in the fields of environment, rural and community development, health, population, national integration peace.

The next one in this race of aiding development of our youth is:

2)  Youth United


Being a Non Profit and Non Governmental Organization (NGO), Youth United aims at empowering the youth in their efforts of developing the nation through its activities like periodicals, community services and online portals with its centers at Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru and headquarters in Chandigarh.

The prominent tasks of this organization include initiating different projects, creating opportunities for individuals enhancing their skills and mobilizing the resources who are working together for various issues.

The most remarkable section of Youth United is the Community department which serves the society for the cause of poverty, education and female feticide through its event of Smiling Future Series and flagship project of Youth United Mass Education and Awareness Mission (YUMEAM).

3)  Yuva Unstoppable

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As the name suggests, this unstoppable contender of development promotes education of unprivileged children and encouraging them to participate in various non-curricular activities while making the best use of hidden talents of these children who are no less than others rather their talents and skills are used less and suppressed more !!

  • Directing the youth towards the development process while fostering initiatives to explore their potentials through series of self evaluation.
  • It enables the youth to gain and procure knowledge which help them to grow well in all aspects.
  • Promotes national and global understanding through global exchange program.
  • Also enables the youth from diverse backgrounds to communicate and drive the development process together.

And now the last but certainly not the least is one of the most relevant and far-reaching NGO’s is Swechha !

4)  Swechha – Be the change

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Created as a young people’s campaign in 2000, it aims at creating awareness about risk of pollution of river Yamuna to improve its bad name from “black body of water” running through the city of Delhi and preserving its purity for the welfare of society.

  • Its activities included film screening, photo exhibition, street plays, workshops and public meeting in various schools and Colleges.
  • It is a youth focused and youth run NGO which works toward positive change in the areas of environmental and social development issues.

It’s not just one hand that can overhaul the system, but every individual effort brought together will make the difference !!

The other two important areas under its attention are:-

Youth and Civil society: It enables the youth to freely come forward and best use their energy and ideas to contribute to the welfare of society and even the nation as a whole by providing them the necessary resources.

Governance and Active citizenship: They encourage all the people of the country to be responsible, fully aware and actively participate in the process of betterment of a cleaner and healthier society !


These were certainly not all of them but a few of the scene changers of the nation.

It’s still not too late people !

Come forward and be the change you want to see in the world !!

It’s our nation and our responsibility !


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