Over the years, this self-driven PRO has worked with prominent Bhojpuri personalities and has driven events and film festivals towards major prominence and success.

A closer look around us will show how so much has changed across industries of the world for the better. These changes have been brought by not just proper leveraging of modern technologies but mainly because of the incessant efforts and pristine visions of a few self-determined professionals and experts across fields that have brought more growth and glory to their states and the nation as a whole. Who better than Ranjan Sinha in the Public Relations niche to serve as an example here as one such incredibly talented professional?

Ranjan Sinha, over the span of over 17 long years, has meticulously worked and made every day count to create opportunities for himself as a PR professional and for the many people, projects and events he chose to work for. The Bihar-based talent is the one who gained enormous name and recognition by working for prominent personalities like MP Gorakhpur Manoj Tiwari, MP North East Delhi Ravi Kishan, Member of Lok Sabha Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua), Khesari Lal Yadav, Akshara Singh, Pawan Singh and many more. The momentum and presence Bhojpuri cinema and film industry has gained today can be attributed to these well-known stars and Ranjan Sinha’s contribution as a PRO.

He believes PR can take people and projects to the next level of success by optimizing the power of social media. Ranjan Sinha mentions that he has noticed how multiple marketing and PR strategies that social media marketing and PR professionals use today have helped people, brands, and events to reach exponential levels of prominence. He believes that leveraging the power of social media and using the right set of PR skills and approaches can lead people towards gaining a solid standing in their fields.

He also highlights that creating more buzz around people, their activities, films, events, etc., at the right time and serving audiences with news and updates on them through social media can create intense enthusiasm and interest in audiences, attracting more of their attention.

Ranjan Sinha (@ranjan_sinha_pro) wants to now focus on developing more compelling PR initiatives and strategies that can lead all his projects and clients to greater success levels.


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