A flurry of sanctions alongside numerous other charges has already been drawn up against the Russian Federation, almost entirely incapacitating the country. The United States of America has successfully achieved what it had set out to do, isolating an entire nation from any form of economic thrift in the foreseeable future.

However, these sanctions also depict the USA’s selective discourse when it comes to international crises and, inadvertently, their hypocrisy.

The American Government, under more instances than one, has portrayed itself as the hand of the absolute Supreme whenever any such turmoil has come to the international forefront.

Whenever the time came to attack the state of Pakistan with any form of sanction, they chose to retract their stance on global polity owing to its major non-NATO alliance. It remains to be seen how long the American Government will go to cover their South-Asian “ally’s” tracks as it moves forward with its precarious human rights violations.

If the following instances stand as evidence, then we can conclude that their hypocrisy will go until the end of the world. 

US Support To Pakistan Through The 1971 War

Bangladesh’s War of Independence has possibly been the most significant event during the course of modern history. More accurately, it is not just through the significance posed by the war in the history of Bangladesh but also, through the significance, it poses for India’s history that it is still remembered as absolutely pertinent in forming India’s global relevance.

To put matters into perspective, the war led to the international community recognizing India as a formidable ally (or a foe), both through their sheer defence capabilities and management. 

Almost the entirety of the world had noticed and expressed their concerns over how the Pakistan government had initiated an offensive into the heart of Bangladesh. During the course of this, the Sheik Mujibur led resistance asked the Indian government to step in to provide support to its Bengali-speaking neighbour.

Prior to the Indian government’s support, the citizens of Bangladesh had to suffer through a mascarade of massacres committed by the Pakistani army through the length and breadth of Bangladesh. 

Widespread genocide alongside the Pakistani army raping and mutilating the modesty of the Bengali denizens of East Pakistan, had all received backhanded applause from the then American Government, in the form of absolute silence.

The Richard Nixon-led government chose to stay silent and remained complicit through the course of Pakistan’s infringement of every other human rights clause in Bangladesh. However, it was not just the complicity but also the delivery of arms and artilleries to the Pakistani army from Iran, Jordan and Turkey, that raised the stakes to the point of no return.

Nixon compensated these countries for the shipments. America let a flurry of human rights violations proceed while attacking India in the same breath and then proceeded to take the higher ground. Their excuse? They could not afford to lose an ally during the Cold War.

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Funding Pakistan Even In The Eve Of Terror

Pakistan has long since its formation has almost always been in a hand to mouth dynamic with the United States of America, wherein, the latter keeps providing financial assistance to the former through thick and thin.

No matter the scenario and their stance when it comes to the war on terror, the Pakistani government has always deemed it fit to be at the beck and call of their Western masters. It isn’t entirely unlikely to forego and ignore the point of Pakistan being indebted to a wide variety of nations far and wide.

Starting from the western capitalist state of the USA to funnily one of America’s greatest “foes” in the international sphere, China. 

According to the United States Aid database, Pakistan has received a surmount of 5 billion USD in civilian assistance, alongside an amount surpassing 1 billion USD in terms of emergency humanitarian response.

Furthermore, when accounted for from the year 2002, Pakistan has received an amazing amount of 33 billion USD, out of which 14 billion USD had been accorded to them as compensation for their part in the War on Terror.

During Donald Trump’s tenure in office as the POTUS, he succeedingly cut off a quantifiable amount provided as aid to Pakistan owing to their failure in keeping with their promises in combatting terror.

A total of 800 million USD had been cut off from reaching the Pakistani government as they failed to keep up with their promises of curbing terror in the Afghan region. However, skip through a couple of years later and the USA is back in cahoots with Pakistan. Ignoring, or posing to ignore, the various deterrents in Pakistan’s policies, the USA, inadvertently, become the greatest condonation machinery in the modern world.

To put matters into perspective, since the recent influx of financial support from the Biden government, Pakistan has noted a spike in terrorist activities with the re-emergence of the separatist, Balochistan Liberation Army.

Alongside which the banned Pakistani militant group, Tehrik-i-Taliban has caused an amazing amount of stir in the region of Pakistan and its adjoining neighbours. Unfortunately, under most circumstances, these “organizations” are still being provided with a safe haven by the Pakistani government. 

Lack Of UN Sanctions For Pakistan No Matter What They Do

Every other Indian remembers the black day that marked the Pulwama attacks wherein a suicide bomber belonging to the radical Islamist terrorist group, Jaish-e-Mohammed, attacked an Indian military convoy.

The suicide bomber infiltrated into Indian borders and proceeded to rush into attacking army personnel belonging to the Central Reserve Police Force. The attack had resulted in the deaths of 40 armed personnel, excluding the suicide bomber, Adil Ahmad Dar.

Being labelled as an illegal outfit as late as 2022, the JeM had been deemed as a legal fundamentalist organization until very recently. It is a frightening thought in itself considering the fact that the entirety of the world, alongside the INTERPOL, had marked them as a dangerous outfit but in Pakistan, they survived with absolute impunity.

However, no matter the circumstance, the American Government could never be moved to vote in favour of sanctions for the Pakistani Government.

In all fairness, it is fairly understood as to why the American Government would choose to not sanction the Pakistani government since the latter has little in the way of strength. Maybe that is exactly what a country becomes when they have little say in the world around them, alongside which, they sparsely wish to grow themselves.

Honestly, if it makes them feel better about themselves by being a stooge for the American government then it is only fair to let them. However, the USA should sparsely attempt to portray itself on a higher ground considering their actions concerning Pakistan (and a myriad of other nations) paint a picture exceedingly different.

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