This pair of subreddits are polar opposites and yet very similar in some ways. Created 4 months apart, they currently are one of the most entertaining pairs of subreddits there is.

Do They Need Introductions?

Created almost 4 months apart, r/nonononoyes came alive on Jun 27, 2013, while r/yesyesyesyesno was started on Oct 17, 2013. These subs together have a fanbase of over 5.2 million accounts, wherein as many people are a part of this community.

These subreddit names are practically a giveaway as to what the subreddit is about, making you go “NO, NO, NO, NO, YES!” and  “YES, YES, YES, YES, NO!” all the while you scroll through their posts. 

No, No, No, No, Yes!

Ever seen things going wrong with nukes dropping and executions happening and then suddenly everything is rainbows and rays of sunshine? The subreddit of r/nonononoyes is exactly that, where things are going wrong but turn up okay. Here are a few examples:

Penguin Indiana Jones
byu/dickfromaccounting innonononoyes

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Military recruit saved after dropping live grenade at his feet
byu/NewsflareBarney innonononoyes

Oh no, there’s going to be a fight!
byu/bsurfn2day innonononoyes

Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, No!

Ever seen guys pumping a 120 only to end up in a puke fest moments later? Or maybe a car driving smoothly on a highway only to end up bumping an animal?

Well, r/yesyesyesyesno is all about beautiful, perfect videos not ending well. Some best videos are as follows: 

byu/corcaigh inyesyesyesyesno

A real man never runs away from water coaster, oh wait..
byu/wowsuchwows inyesyesyesyesno

3D Printing
byu/after___thought inyesyesyesyesno

So which one would you prefer?

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