A few months after the public was stunned by the closure of McDonald’s in Delhi and other states in the North and East, the burger giant looks all ready for a comeback.

What Happened Then

The tussle between Vikram Bakshi’s CPRL, which manages McDonald’s restaurants in North and East India, has been ongoing for a few years but came to a head on when in 2013 Bakshi was removed as the MD of CPRL. He approached the NCLT and was reinstated.

The matter further blew up when McDonald’s India terminated its 50:50 partnership agreement with Bakshi citing non-payment of dues and other management issues.

This resulted in the immediate closure of almost all restaurants for some weeks until they were reopened but with the trademark, ‘M’ and some signature products missing from the menu, since legally CPRL could not use McDonald’s branding or other intellectual property.

McDonald’s India further tried to combat Bakshi’s renegade group of restaurants by issuing statements stating that the health and hygiene standards of these restaurants were not up to the mark. They also sent notices to the suppliers asking them to stop supplying to this group of restaurants.

Presumably because of this, on December 25, McDonald’s restaurants had to be shut mostly in North and East India after their logistics partner Radhakrishna Foodland shut off its supply services stating among other reasons, reduction in volume and non-payment of certain dues.

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What’s Happening Now

However, CPRL has roped in a new logistics partner CodEX to resume services to the outlets.

Bakshi has also denied the charges, alleging that Radhakrishna Foodland in collusion with McDonald’s India is trying to hurt the business and there is no regular payment default.

Bakshi told PTI, “Right now 64 of them have been re-opened and by the end of this week all the 84, which were temporarily hit, will resume operation.”

Although this is excellent news for the people who gorge themselves on the fat-filled fast food that is McDonald’s, this relief is only temporary as the matter is still pending before NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal), the Delhi High Court, as well as the London Court of Arbitration.

But, most people and even I (to some extent) will not even care, as long as they get their Maharaja Macs on time. Because, McD as it’s colloquially called, is such a big part of our lives…it’s cheap, it’s tasty and it’s everywhere. It’s the go-to place to eat when on a budget and for me, it’s the go-to place for ice cream. 

So, hello again Ronald McDonald, I sure hope you are here to stay this time around.

Sources:  Times Now News, Live Mint, Economic Times

Image Credits: Google Images

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