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Liv’ED It: ‘Ek Number’: A Toilet App That Locates The Nearest Public Susu Place


In a one-of-its-kind initiative, the Radio channel RED FM of Indore, Madhya Pradesh has launched a toilet app that locates the nearest public toilet for you whenever you feel the pressure. This toilet app goes by the name Ek Number. That’s right, they named it after the discreet way of pronouncing “susu”!

The toilet app was released in a public event on 19th December by the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan – a man of far-reaching influence in the state. In association with the WOW Entertainment company, Indore’s much loved RED FM is a channel run by many smart young citizens who have always strived to help the city in any and all ways possible.

The app was released to support the Swachh Bharat campaign initiated by the Prime Minister, and will do wonders once used in full swing. It is expected to solve the issues of open urination and defecation other than providing facility to in need, especially women who face the most trouble. The feedback built into the app should help improving conditions of the city’s public toilet systems too. The app is still in its infancy, but we absolutely love the idea!

Take a look…


It is rather benign that the toilet app is so light, smooth and simple that it’s quick and easy to use, because in times like ‘those’, you really don’t want  any more trouble than you have.

We like the clean red-and-white theme too. It’s minimalist and to the point. Just like your aim should be!


The app is hooked onto your smart phones  GPS, so once you click the little toilet on the front screen, your location is tracked on Indore’s map (the little blue circle is you). It is then cross-referenced with the city’s public toilet data base and all the locations are highlighted on the map as little red potty seats.

If you click on the little list icon on the top bar of the screen, a list of the toilets with their precise address and the approximate distance from you will be displayed in ascending order (by distance).

Some reviews on Google’s Play Store complain that the tracking software is malfunctioning and showing their locations incorrectly, but none such trouble was faced by us.


By zooming in and clicking on either of the seats, the toilet app will give you a path to reach it.

By touching the star location icon on the top right corner of the screen, the location of the lavatory opens up, and an option to review the facility is offered.

One can rate the toilet on a 5-star scale in terms of its cleanliness, maintenance and how accessible the location is. You can also provide comments and personal reviews.

 Overall verdict

We give 5 stars to the idea of the app. It’s awesome, and it’s unique. The UI is ergonomic and the app smooth; great for emergency situations. However, we would like to see that we are able to view remote locations too, and not just our own. That would help with aiding those who need access but don’t have the app or a phone that could support it.

Indore is a developing metropolitan city in a state that is slower than many states with respect to advancement. However, this slow but steady turtle is well on its way to win the race if it keeps growing along the dimensions as it is currently. It’s admirable what one company among the city’s own industry has done to further the idea that a leader has seeded. It’s the mark of a smart citizenship.

We hope that other cities across the nation take a leaf from Indore’s book and come up with ideas similar that will help in realizing the dream of a Cleaner, Greener India.



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