May 18: The UK-based multi-skilled entrepreneur has made strides in the property industry with his business Real Property Ventures. Born on 25th November 1992, Alfred Dzadey had every early realized he was meant to achieve great in his career and thus invested in his education to focus on personal development and get into the business world

Working With The Right Clients:

As clients started coming in, excitement grew – along with the need to say yes to every client that would come around. It was difficult to turn a client down, it just did not seem like the wise thing to do. Time went and the company came to the realization that not all clients were meant for them. Some clients did not fit and they knew they could not keep saying yes to these clients so Alfred and his team learned to say no. Now they have a number of factors considered before accepting clients. The company growth over the last years has been amazing and almost unbelievable. There is a massive improvement every passing month.

Building a Team:

As a investor, employment is carefully done so a solid team is built. Applicants are required to take a personality test as part of the interview process. This procedure helps the company employ the right set of people for the job. Alfred admits that this does not guarantee a great hire at all times but it does ensure that once there is such a case, it is immediately curbed.

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